CAM Solutions Releases ToolManageriQ v2.5

CAM Solutions has announced ToolManageriQ v2.5. The latest release of ToolManageriQ includes several enhancements including ability to work natively inside of GibbsCAM 2022. It is also backward compatible with earlier versions of GibbsCAM up to V13. Mathematical functions have been added to each of the dialogs providing seamless imperial/metric conversion, and dynamic fractional values to decimal conversions. In addition, an improved installer for SQL integration and ToolManageriQ now supports eight languages; Czech, English, Finnish, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and Swedish.

Managing tools, tool holders, and fixture models efficiently when using CAM software is often a challenge for many CNC programmers. ToolManageriQ systematizes these frequently performed tasks. Users can quickly discern which tools are available and where they have been used before. ToolManageriQ eliminates the need to manually search for or find lost tools. It instantly associates tool holders with tools, sorts tools by machine, job, or by type – essentially creating “playlists” for all your tools and fixtures. With a local centralized database, fully integrated into GibbsCAM, enriching tool data and fixture information for everyone on the team – in real time.

Having the GibbsCAM plug-in and standalone versions available to the whole team makes tool data management a breeze, while still being an enormous time saver. Since ToolManageriQ is locally installed and does not require cloud connectivity, it is lighting fast at moving tools and fixtures within GibbsCAM through a secure local environment.

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