AMFG Unveils Digital Solutions for AM Post-Production Planning

AMFG has revealed details of its new Post-Processing Scheduling and digital quality assurance (QA) management solutions for its AM workflow automation software at this week’s Formnext trade show.

AMFG Production Management Scheduling

The first of the new offerings, the Post-Processing Scheduling solution, allows users to plan and allocate the resources needed to fulfill any additional post-processing requirements. Completed builds are automatically moved to the platform’s dedicated Post-Processing page, where post-processing actions can be allocated to the appropriate production jobs, prioritized and marked as completed when done. For full traceability, all the date and time of all part status updates are logged centrally in the system.

In conjunction with its Post-Processing Scheduling solution, AMFG also has its eyes set on quality assurance for additive production. To this end, it has developed a beta version of its digital QA management tool, allowing users to import part documentation, such as reports, data sheets and 3D images, and compare these specifications to the physical, 3D-printed part.

The software logs the data history for each part, giving users access to the data specifications without having to leave the platform. Powered by connectivity with scanning systems and sensors, the feature gives users a full view of all dimensions and parameters of a part thanks to the platform’s 3D viewer. 

About AMFG

AMFG provides workflow automation software for additive manufacturing. Providing a complete workflow management solution for the entire additive manufacturing process, AMFG uses the latest in machine intelligence to ensure that companies can achieve highly streamlined and connected additive manufacturing processes.

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