Allplan 2017 Released for Architects, Engineers

Allplan_logoMUNICH, Germany, July 12, 2016 – Allplan presented the latest version of its BIM solution Allplan for architects and engineers. Allplan 2017 is setting a new standard in interdisciplinary collaboration thanks to the integration of the open, cloud-based BIM platform bim+. There are now no limits on the modeling and modification of solids, free forms, components or reinforcements. Ease of use has been improved further, and many work processes have been automated.

Collaboration with Allplan 2017_without Logos“The digitalization of the building industry is well under way, and BIM is fundamentally changing work processes. It is particularly important – today and in the future – that architects and civil engineers can collaborate smoothly with their planning partners,” explains Markus Tretheway, vice president product management at Allplan. “With Allplan 2017, we are giving our customers a BIM tool that makes model-based collaboration between everyone involved in the building easier and more reliable than ever before.”

Efficient task management with the Task Board

One challenge when working with the BIM working method is the clear assignment and tracking of tasks for the planning partners involved. The solution is the new Task Board with its permanent connection to the open BIM platform bim+ that integrates the OpenBIM standard BCF in day-to-day work.

Collision Control with Allplanbim+ enables model data from Allplan and other OpenBIM solutions to be merged, viewed, analyzed and shared. If a situation is unclear, or planning mistakes have been made, the visual check or the bim+ collision control enable errors to be identified at an early stage. The individual design specialists see these errors as collisions during the automatic comparison of the models. The issues can now be easily and directly assigned as tasks to the relevant design specialist.

With the interaction with bim+ and the Task Board, new tasks are displayed in Allplan in real time and are visually linked with the affected objects. The BIM coordinator as well as all planning partners have an overview of their open and completed tasks. This accelerates the coordination process and shortens the planning and construction period.

csm_better-together_758ada79d3Work together efficiently across different sites

With Allplan 2017, users can work together efficiently, regardless of their location. The new version reduces the transmission time for project data over the internet by on average 75 percent. The reason for this is the improved Workgroup Online function, part of the Allplan Workgroup Manager, which enables project data to be exchanged over the internet. Planning partners can therefore collaborate far more quickly and efficiently, wherever they are.

Smooth data exchange now also via IFC4

Reliable data exchange forms the basis for successful collaboration using the BIM working method. The interfaces for data exchange of 3D volume and area data(NURBS) have therefore been updated and enhanced in Allplan 2017. With the new version, free-form geometries can now also be exchanged in DWG/DXF, DGN and Rhino formats without polygonization. For the first time, it is possible to export BIM models in the new IFC4 format. The interplay with other products is thus tangibly improved, inaccuracies and information losses are considerably reduced.

Customer requests and improvements to details

Thanks to the numerous improvements to details and the implementation of customer requests, Allplan 2017 is the most stable and practical solution for working in a team. For example, the steel construction library has been updated and expanded to improve the workflow when working with steel construction profiles. Predefined window strips have been added to the existing SmartPart library.

The most important innovations for architects are:

Task BoardModel and modify with no limits

Allplan integrated the Parasolid modeling kernel from Siemens PLM Software in the BIM solution in version 2016. With Allplan Architecture 2017, Allplan is going one step further and has largely eliminated the limits on modeling and modifying solids, free forms and components. In practice, this means that 3D solids can be modified accurately without prior polygonization and can be converted to free forms (user-defined architectural elements). User-defined components can be changed flexibly at any time through Boolean operations or point modifications. In addition, the user-friendliness and workflows in 3D modeling have been improved.

Improved 3D ReinforcementGreater ease of use in the creation of designs

Numerous improvements for the generation of plans and designs make the creation of views and sections in Allplan Architecture 2017 easier and faster than ever before. New function palettes enable the direct and intuitive checking of display parameters. Changes in the building model are automatically updated in plans, sections and views. Manually added elements are retained. This ensures that the plans and building model agree at all times.


Allplan Architecture 2017 and the free 30-day test version are available immediately to download.

For more information, visit: The most important innovations for engineers are:

Greater productivity as a result of automated processes

Huge time savings are possible thanks to the automation of recurring tasks. A Python interface API has therefore been integrated in Allplan 2017. Via the interface, manufacturers of content can quickly and easily generate new objects and functions in Allplan, if necessary including the reinforcement. The PythonParts have a user interface with property palettes, handles and individual work processes and can be automated with just a few clicks. The Python API also enables recurring work steps to be automated – which means better productivity and planning quality.

Improved Performance for 3D reinforcement

With the new function “Extrude reinforcement along path” users place reinforcements easily, precisly and quickly. They place the relevant reinforcement elements such as stirrups and longitudinal reinforcement in a cross section and select the desired path for placement. Allplan Engineering 2017 then automatically generates the reinforcement.


Allplan Engineering 2017 and the free 30-day test version are available immediately to download.

For more information, visit

About Allplan

Allplan is a leading European vendor of open building information modeling (BIM) solutions for architects, civil engineers, building contractors, and facility managers. As a strong subsidiary of the Nemetschek Group in Munich, they offer their customers innovative tools for the design, implementation, and operation of complex architectural and civil engineering projects and ensure that all the project members can work together in a smooth, inter-disciplinary manner. Their solutions are currently used by over 40,000 users in 20 different languages. More than 400 employees in nine countries are continuing to write our success story. They are all bound together by their high quality demands and their dedicated commitment. As a member of the Open BIM initiative, Allplan supports the IFC standard and therefore enables the holistic design, construction, and management of buildings.

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