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Banner Advertising
TenLinks.com offers advertisers two banner advertising options: fixed or run of site. Fixed banners target a specific audience on select TenLinks.com pages. Your banner will be visible to every person every time that page is viewed. By contrast, a run of site campaign can display over a whole site. Several rotating banners can share the same space on a page.

Banners can be either GIF, JPEG formats or Flash. If sending flash, please follow these instructions. We accept animated images in the GIF 89a format, but limited to 3 loops and we accommodate 3rd party ad serving.

We do not accept ads that incorporate Java, Shockwave, Future Splash, video or any other multimedia format. We do not accept MAP files. GIF files must be transparent, and must contain no more than 256 colors.

Newsletter banners do not accept flash of any kind. Material must be either .gif or jpeg.  We also recommend that it be a static banner with no animation as Outlook 2007 only shows the last frame of an animated gif.

Advertisers are encouraged to provide up to three versions of each banner to rotate during the campaign.

We require three business days to post banners once received, providing materials are created in accordance to the above specifications.

All TenLinks.com banner sizes conform to the IAB/Casie standard.

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Rates effective November 2011

Banner Rate (monthly) Placement
Medium Rectangle $3,000 Home Page Exclusive
Medium Rectangle $500 Any page of site excluding home page
Leaderboard  $2,000 Home Page Exclusive
Leaderboard  $1,000 Home Page 1/2 Share
Wide Skyscraper $3,000 Home Page Exclusive
Wide Skyscraper, $1,500 Home Page 1/2 share
Leaderboard $500 Any page of site excluding Home Page
Wide Skyscraper $500 Any page of site excluding Home Page
(note: the above are fixed banner positions. Any impressions quoted for these positions are based on historical data and are not guaranteed. Please contact sales for further clarification if needed.)
Run of Site (ROS) Campaigns
*New reduced prices*
Unit Size Rate
Medium Rectangle 300x25, 45KB $45 CPM
Leaderboard 728x90, 45KB $45 CPM
Wide Skyscraper 160x600, 45KB $45CPM
Skyscraper 120x600, 35KB $45 CPM
Full Banner 468x60, 15KB $45 CPM
CPM = Cost Per Thousand Impressions

  • 1/2 share means that your campaign will rotate with one another advertiser.
12-month contract totaling $40,000 or more receives a 10% discount. 6-month contract total $25,000 or more receives a 5% discount. Total contract billing may be combined with other properties to qualify for discount (CADdepot.com, CADdigest.com and FreeCAD.com). This does not apply to campaigns with built in discounts  already in place.
Secure, real time access to banner reports on total impressions and click-through rates from our ad management software are available for each advertiser. Current advertisers can log in here to see how their campaigns are performing.
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