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 TEAM Network Media Kit
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Joining the TEAM Network®
The TEAM Network® is a advertising consortium composed of the most popular, important and influential sites for CAD, CAM and CAE professionals. 

Are you the owner of CAD, CAM or CAE-related website, blog or newsletter? Here is a chance to earn some revenue in return for all the work you have put into your site simply by including advertising. We have made it easy for you. You will not have to do sales or or hire anyone to do so. You won't have to buy ad-serving software, handle insertion orders, chase down late payments, etc. -- we'll do all that!

Ads will be of industry relevant products and services, the kind your readers will probably be interested in. We don't accept annoying ads -- the kind that block your site's precious content or somehow get in the way of your readers. And we give you full control on what goes on your site.

Advantages of Joining the TEAM Network®

Our professional sales staff is devoted to selling online advertising. They have extensive experience and long standing history with many of the companies and media buyers in the market. We have been in business for over 10 years, so companies know and trust us. We sell advertising, leaving you free to spend your time writing posts, building your site and growing your audience!

We handle the clients, do the paperwork and insert the ads -- after checking with you, of course. We also monitor the campaign and answer questions from clients.

We do the billing and collection -- and send you your share of the proceeds.

How to Get Started

To join the TEAM Network® is easy-- just fill out this short application form. We will let you know very soon if your site is acceptable and we will send you an agreement for your approval.

After that, there will be a few additional things to do, such as:

  1. Install ad serving code on your site.
  2. Run a test campaign (an ad for the TEAM network) to make sure everything is working.
  3. A quick tutorial (delivered over the phone or online) to introduce you to our ad serving software and give you a brief rundown on what to expect.
  4. Collect demographic information, if that is not already known
    Example: types of visitors, location of visitors, software used, etc. This can be done easily by leaving a short poll on your site for a couple of weeks (we can supply the questions and code for the poll).

Ongoing Requirements

  1. Members are required to upkeep their sites to at least the same standards by which they were accepted. Membership in the TEAM Network® is at the discretion of TenLinks, Inc. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel membership at any time or for any reason.
  2. Keep the ad serving code on our site.
  3. Provide updates as needed. Please send monthly traffic reports (page views and unique visitors. If your advertising rates change, please let us know that as well. If you have sell ads yourself, do let us know we don't overbook your site.
TEAM Sales

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