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  1. Google SketchUp - SketchUp home page
  2. SketchUp Blog - the official blog site, features news, add-ons, tips and tricks
  3. SketchUp articles - collected by CADdigest, a TenLinks website
  4. SketchUp Trainer.com - offers live, online SketchUp training, news, tutorials
  5. Google SketchUp Plugins - list on official site
  6. Google SketchUp for Dummies - a selection of You Tube videos about SketchUp by Aidan Chopra
  7. SketchUcation - SketchUp related blogs, tutorials, tips and tricks  
  8. SketchUp Community Forum - discussion forum , tutorials for SketchUp users
  9. SketchUp Ruby Library - list of Ruby scripts for SketchUp users, also various plug-ins, tips and tricks
  10. SMustard - provides tools and plug-ins for SketchUp
  • Daniel Tal - SketchUp related blogs, tutorials, books
  • Render Plus- free addons for SketchUp
  • SuRDebug - SketchUp Ruby GUI editor/debugger by John Labenski, Kent Sibilev, Pecan Heber