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SketchUp Rendering (inside SketchUp)

  • Indigo RT 4 -rendering plug-in for SketchUp allows adding photo realistic lighting, materials
  • IRender nXt - plug-in for Google SketchUp for photorealistic renderings from SketchUp model
  • LightUp - adds light, windows, SketchUp scenes with reflected light, shadows, shadings for real time lighting
  • LumenRT - visualization of architectural projects in real-time 3D with photo-real illumination, review for SketchUp, by E-on Software 
  • OctaneRender - supports clouds, smoke, fog rendering, Open Shading Language, HDRI, mesh emitters, IES files
  • ProWalker GPU - photorealistic visualization plug-ins for SketchUp for creating still images, fly-through animations, or time-lapse videos from SketchUp models
  • Render[IN] - radiosity rendering engine developed for SketchUp Free, Pro
  • Render Plus - tools to enhance Google SketchUp 
  • SU Podium - photorealistic rendering for Google SketchUp Free/Pro, inserts render ready lights, textures, components into model for setup
  • Shaderlight - photorealistic renderer for Google SketchUp, provides choice of rendering models, tools for workflow optimization, animates SketchUp scenes
  • Shaderlight Cloud Rendering - SketchUp rendering plug-in that puts power of the cloud at every users’ fingertips, uses Limitless’ cloud technology
  • Thea for SketchUp - combines rendering engines of Thea with simplicity of SketchUp, includes GPU support inside SketchUp view, by Thea Render
  • Twilight Render - photometric lights, image based lighting, optimized preset render settings, animation with SketchyPhysics and ProperAnimation
  • V-Ray for SketchUp - works with Google SketchUp rendering, Rhino, 3D modeling tool, by Chaos Group