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ArchiCAD TopTen

  1. Graphisoft - creators of ArchiCAD
  2. ArchiCAD Wiki - online knowledge base maintained by Graphisoft, with technical articles, bulletins about ArchiCAD 
  3. ArchiCAD Reading Room - features, reviews, news about ArchiCAD, by CADdigest.com
  4. Central Innovation - offers ArchiCAD tools for architects
  5. CAD Garage - online store sells ArchiCAD add-ons for students, designers, architects
  6. MasterTemplate - template system for ArchiCAD, plus Start Edition, in both USA/international versions
  7. Bobrow Website - Eric Bobrow's blog, collection of free ArchiCAD tips, tricks articles, video tutorials, free training materials
  8. BIM Blog - collection of articles related to COBie, ArchiCAD, 3D modeling, Augmented Reality
  9. ArchiRADAR - dedicated of ArchiCAD and Artlantis, with tutorial, free object GDL, more, some translated to English but much of it in Italian
  10. The Best Practices Course - online ArchiCAD training resource, both introductory/advanced video tutorials, coaching program, covers ArchiCAD
  • ArchiCAD-Talk - online forum maintained by Graphisoft for ArchiCAD users, live discussions on technical questions from around world 
  • Shoegnome - Jared Banks' blog focused on ArchiCAD tips, tricks, news, usage, software management
  • CADmonkey - blog on CAD, ArchiCAD, technology, best practices, tutorials, podcast
  • MODLAR - BIM/CAD content sharing marketplace for architecture, construction professionals