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CAD - Printing and Plotting

  • 3Doodler - app for creating 3D pen designs, from WobbleWorks
  • 3DXpert - metal additive manufacturing software, from 3D Systems
  • 3D Model To Print (3DMTP) - 3D prints models, converts existing 3D designs to geometric form compatible for all 3D printers
  • Aleph Objects - manufactures 3D printers like LulzBot, based in Loveland, CO
  • CraftWare - software converts 3D digital model into G-code for 3D printing, from Craftunique Free
  • Crobics - web-based 3D modeling, 3D drawing, 3D printing program Free
  • Cubify Invent - 3D printing, designing software with free tutorials, by 3D Systems
  • DeskArtes - provides software for 3D industrial design used in rapid prototyping, 3D printing, based in Helsinki, Finland
  • eQuorum - makers of CAD printing solutions, including Plot Station, network plotting program for high-volume production plotting
  • FPLOT - The Pen Plotter Emulator - allows users to view, print HP-GL/2 pen plotter files
  • i.materialise - creates design by providing ideas that can be turned into 3D reality, provides high quality 3D printing
  • MagicPlot - app for data analysis, plotting, nonlinear fitting, from Magicplot Systems
  • M-Color - presentation plotting software, allows AutoCAD users plotting CAD designs, from M-Files
  • Netfabb - additive manufacturing software for slicing
  • NovaCopy - provides 3D printing technology, innovative document workflow solutions, based in Nashville, TN
  • PLT2DXF - freeware program to convert HPGL plotter files into CAD-readable DXF files
  • Plot Station - software controls engineering batch printing throughout network, from eQuorum
  • Prusa Printers - community for Prusa 3D printer, by RepRap 3D printer company
  • RATIO - OEM partner for hardware manufacturers
  • Replot - software to view, rescale, rotate & print batches of plot files in less time, from CAD fx
  • ReplicatorG - open source 3D printing program uses Skeinforge as slicing system, works on MakerBot Replicator, Thing-O-Matic, CupCake CNC, RepRap machines, or generic CNC machine
  • Repro Desk Software Suite - includes Client Tools, Repro Desk Studio, Select, Professional, offers scalable print management solution, by Canon
  • SigmaPlot - scientific data analysis, graphing software package, from Systat Software
  • Slic3r - open-source software offers real-time incremental slicing, 3D preview, more
  • StereoCAD - software allows stereoscopic navigation, 3D plotting using images acquired by drone, by Menci Software
  • SureColor T-Series - range of printers with MicroPiezo TFP print head along with EPSON UltraChrome XD ink technology, by Epson
  • TGSoft - software for plotting, HPGL2 RIP Library, PLT2TIF converter, PLT file transmission tools
  • TinkerCAD - online CAD software for designing 3D printing models
  • Vectary - online 3D modeling tool, community platform for creating, sharing, customize 3D models Free
  • Veusz - scientific plotting, graphing program for generating publication-ready 2D, 3D plots
  • Voxeljet - provides 3D printing systems, ideal for producing automotive components, based in Friedberg, Germany