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MCAD - Tolerance Analysis

  • 3DCS Variation Analyst - tolerance analysis software for reducing scrap, rework, warranty claims, by DCS
  • CETOL 6σ - tolerance analysis software for calculating surface sensitivities, by Sigmetrix
  • Creo TAE - tolerance analysis extension for evaluating impact of tolerances, by PTC
  • DCS - makers of 3DCS, DCS-DFC, 1DCS tolerance analysis, data management software
  • Enventive - software offers mechanical design, tolerance analysis tools to identify critical parameters early in design process
  • EZtol - 1D tolerance stackup analysis program for understanding impact of accumulation of part-level dimensional variation, from Sigmetrix
  • Geometric Stackup - software allows performing tolerance analysis on complex assemblies, supports multiple CAD file formats
  • Sigmetrix - supplier of tolerance analysis software for Pro/E customers
  • Sigmund - suite of tools includes tolerance analysis, variation analysis, kinematics within variation environment, by Varatech
  • TOL2 - tolerance analysis software for assembly groups, by HEXAGON Software, Berlin
  • ToleranceCalc - wizard enables CAD users to verify fit, performance, manufacturability of parts, assemblies, by GEOMATE
  • VarTran - software for tolerance analysis, robust design, from Taylor Enterprises