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MCAD Development Tools

  • ACIS 3D Geometric Modeler (ACIS) - integrates wireframe, surface, solid modeling capabilities with both manifold, non-manifold topology to provide 3D modeling functionality, from Spatial
  • Build!IT - CAD-to-part inspection software allows dimensional verification of manufactured parts, assemblies, integrates redesigned geometry engine
  • CGM Core Modeler - 3D geometric modeling kernel for creating 3D modeling applications, from Spatial
  • Coventor - develops CAD software for the micro- electromechanical systems industry
  • D-Cubed - geometric constraint solving, collision detection, hidden line
  • Famic Technologies - provides CAD, simulation software solutions for hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical, automation controls, based in Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Granite Interoperability Kernel - solid modeling kernel by PTC
  • IntegrityWare - makers of SOLIDS ++ solid modeling kernel, POPLib for surfaces, MESHLib, translators
  • Kineo CAM - develops advanced solutions, automation motion, path planning software like Kineo Works, Automatic Path Planner, KCD Collision Detector
  • Kompas 3D - creates models for parts, assembly units, uses mathematical core, parametric technology, translate geometry into design apps, control development kits, by Ascon
  • Parasolid - solid modeling tool for solid modeling, direct editing, freeform surface/sheet modeling, by Siemens PLM
  • LEDAS - constraint technology for CAD applications
  • Open CASCADE - open source tool for 3D modeling, from Matra Datavision
  • Rapid Application Development Framework (RADF) - application infrastructure, 3D functionality, extensible framework for development of ACIS applications, by Spatial Free
  • SAP PLM CAD Integration - CAD relevant data, links available for downstream processes, engineers work in CAD environment, no interface between ERP, PLM, by Cideon Software 
  • Teigha - C++ development platform designed  for creating CAD, technical graphics applications on Windows/Macintosh/UNIX, Open Design Alliance 
  • Zoller - offers tool presetting, measurement, inspection, management facilities with productivity on shop floor