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TenLinks.com Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How does a site get to be on a TenLinks.com TopTen list?
    Our editors are continually searching the web for CAD-related sites. In addition, many sites are suggested to us.

  2. How can I suggest a site?
    The best way is to use our "suggest a site" form. You can also contact the Editor at editor@tenlinks.com. We are looking for suggestions in existing subjects and new subjects.

  3. How long does it take to get listed on TenLinks?
    Most suggestions are considered within 10 business days. 

  4. Will I be notified when my suggested site is listed?
    We will send out a notification within 1 week of a site being added. If you have given your email address, you will get a notification.

  5. Can I suggest a site if it already has 10 links?
    Yes. If you think a site deserves to be in the TopTen in a category, please suggest it even if the list is full. It could displace an existing site.

  6. Who has the final say on whether a site belongs on a TopTen list?
    The TenLinks.com editors. However, your suggestions are very important.

  7. How often are the lists updated?
    Continually. The goal is to always have the best sites on the Internet. Since the Internet is always changing, so are our TopTen lists.

  8. How can I improve my position on a TopTen list?
    This is best done by  improving your site and then updating us with an email (editor@tenlinks.com). You can also move up--or down-- if other sites on the list are removed, improved, etc.

  9. How can I tell people who visit my site that it is a TopTen site?
    We have several awards that you can post on your site to let your visitors know about your TopTen status. You'll find them - along with conditions for their use - at TopTen Awards.

  10. Can someone buy their way on to a TopTen list?
    No. The TopTen sites contain sites that are judged solely on their content.