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AutoCAD Add-Ons - 3D

  • 3DPowerTools - transforms AutoCAD 2000 into 3D modeling package
  • Autoconverter - tool to import, export, convert between 3D file formats as native Windows executable, from Automapki
  • Automesher Application - exports/imports 3D file formats in AutoCAD, by Automapki
  • CADSTA Plus - 2D/3D productivity tools for design, drafting, compatible with AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT 2004-2019
  • FlashMNT - tool for creation of digital terrain model, 3D computations, from DeliCAD
  • Steel Stubs - comes with its own menu, toolbar, PowerPoint tutorial, stand-alone help files, database for custom shapes, for AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop
  • Streamspace Solids - solid modeler for AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT that provides grips editing capabilities
  • ThreeDify Office Designer - Microsoft Office add-on, collaborates, communicates in 3D, works with 3D modeling, CAD creation tools