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by Roopinder Tara, August 17, 2009

Dan Frayssinet, CEO of DP Technology

TenLinks sat with Dan Frayssinet, who along with Paul Ricard, leads DP Technology, the makers of ESPRIT CAM software. The setting was this year's ESPRIT national users meeting and conference in San Diego, CA.

Dan's comes from France but has embraced a California lifestyle.


  1. You are not from around here?
    I was raised in Mende, a small town in the south of France
  2. What do you miss the most about France?
    The food.
  3. How about the wine?
    I rarely drink. Maybe a glass 3 or 4 times a year.
  4. What made you settle in California?
    If my company didn't make it, at least I could sleep on the beach.
  5. How did you get started in CAM?
    In France, I worked on Arcade, a CAD program that not only preceded AutoCAD, but was more powerful. Sadly, it only sold 10 copies and I started concentrating in manufacturing.
  6. What is the origin of the name DP Technology?
    The D is for Dan, P for Paul Ricard. Paul Ricard is the president, our tactical leader.
  7. What is the last book you read?
    Eat to Live, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
  8. So food is important in your life?
    I study nutrition. I am a vegan -- with a sushi option. I am considering raw foods.
  9. You mentioned a sound therapy on stage. Can you elaborate?
    Yes, Hemi-Sync. A 900KHz sound is pumped into one ear, 905KHz in the other. It has the effect of synchronizing both halves of the brain--something we have naturally as babies and monks can achieve after years of training.
  10. What quality do you consider most important in an employee?
    Passion! Not necessarily for the job in question I must see the passion for something in their life.