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Dominic Gallello, CEO of Graphisoft.

TenLinks caught up with Dominic after the globe-trotting CEO of Graphisoft, maker of ArchiCAD, had finished running another marathon.

Roopinder Tara, July 20, 2006

  1. What would you point to as your biggest successes at Graphisoft?
    Working with a team that has restored revenue growth, driven innovation back into ArchiCAD and introduced the world’s first 5D construction management system and related services. Because of our Virtual Construction™ services business, we are a user of our own technology, work on some of the largest building projects in the world and have more insight into what 3D & 5D can enable in the total building delivery process than perhaps any company.
  2. Graphisoft is credited as the company to introduce BIM. Now all AEC CAD companies are on board. Does Graphisoft maintain a leadership in BIM technology?
    Absolutely! Over a million buildings have been developed with our applications. For our customers, BIM is not something you try and hope you succeed. It is their work process.
  3. You took over the reins from Graphisoft founder, Gábor Bojár. What is Mr. Bojár's day-to-day involvement with the company?
    He is chairman of the board and runs our real estate development company. He has no operating role in the software company.
  4. You were in charge of MCAD products at Autodesk. How did you adapt to selling AEC?
    Actually, I was also in charge of the AEC Division at Autodesk.
  5. How different is living in Hungary compared to northern California? (Has your family forgiven you? )
    Budapest is a fabulous city that is very easy to live in. The family is having a blast. Teenagers love the city and the unique opportunities they have. They compete in sporting and academic events in cities from Portugal to the Ukraine. Mr. Rubik (Rubik’s Cube) is a neighbor and my 15 year old flies a glider plane designed and manufactured by Mr. Rubik’s father. Church with the family on Easter Sunday in Jerusalem a life experience that would have been much harder to accomplish from my former residence.
  6. What are the the 3 most popular attractions in Budapest?
    Downtown on the Danube, terrific wineries and for some, the Gallello house on the glider plane field.
  7. How do you stay fit?
    Last year I ran the Jungfrau Marathon in Switzerland where you climb 6,000 feet during the race. Recently, it was the Zermatt Marathon with a climb to 8,400 feet at the Matterhorn. My wife ran it with me so it posed an even greater challenge!
  8. How many miles a year do you fly?
  9. What was the last book you read?
    Shadow Divers – a true story from my old neighborhood in New Jersey.
  10. What languages do you speak fluently? Have you added Hungarian?
    Japanese and Italian. I have added a bit of Hungarian but since I spend so little time in the country, it is not coming as fast as I would like.

Not discussed was Dominic's philanthropy. He has in recent years donated 75% of the money it took to build a high school in Vietnam.