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Fluid Dynamics Products, Companies
  • 6SigmaDC new - suite of CFD based software for data center design, analysis, 3D simulation, by Future Facilities
  • Acusolve - incompressible flow solver by Acusim
  • Adina - integrated system for analysis of structures, fluid flow
  • Aerologic - several products for fluid flow analysis, including Personal Simulation Works, Loftsman/P, Cmarc, Postmarc
  • AMI - pre-processing, analysis, post-processing codes
  • ANKER-ZEMER Group - makers of CFD software including AutoReaGas, for analyzing combustion in flammable gas mixtures, subsequent blast effects, LINFLOW, for linear steady, unsteady fluid flow calculations in 3D
  • AVL FIRE - solves automotive engine related CFD problems
  • C&R Technologies - makers of heat transfer, fluid flow design, analysis software for electronics packaging, automotive, aerospace, energy industries, Products include SINDA/FLUINT, SinapsPlus, Thermal Desktop, RadCAD, FloCAD, EZ-XY
  • CFD++ - general purpose CFD by Metacomp Technologies
  • CFD - Finland Oy - creators of NOVA, CFD solver developed by CFD-Finland
  • CFD 2000 - general purpose CFD by Adaptive Research
  • CFdesign - fluid flow software available in three versions, including CFdesign for Pro/ENGINEER, CFdesign for I-DEAS, from Blue Ridge Numerics
  • CFDExpert new - CFD software for engineering design, analysis, builds virtual prototypes, simulation, by Zeus Numerix
  • CFDRC - software for CFD, multi-physics, multi-disciplinary problems
  • CFX - family of CFD products from ANSYS, Inc
  • CHAM - fluid flow, chemical reaction, stress
  • Coolit - CFD thermal analysis for electronics
  • COSMOSFloWorks -  CFD tool for flow analysis, simulation, works in SolidWorks
  • EnSight  - post processing for CFD, FEA by CEI
  • e-CFD - pay-per-use CFD analysis by Exa Corp
  • EFD,Lab - industry-leading engineering fluid dynamics (EFD) simulation software, from NIKA
  • ESI Group - makers of CFD-ACE, CFD-CADalyzer, CFD-FASTRAN, CFD-TOPO
  • EXA - developers of CFD, CAE simulation suites, tools like Powerflow, Powerclay, PowerDELTA, more
  • FIELDVIEW - CFD post-processor by Intelligent Light
  • FLOW-3D - general purpose fluid flow package by Flow Science
  • FloEFD - CFD integrated with  Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks, CATIA, allows flow, heat transfer analysis, by Mentor Graphics
  • FloTHERM - electronics cooling software, predicts airflow, heat transfer, coupled effects of conduction, by Mentor Graphics
  • Fieldview - post processor for CFD data from Intelligent Light
  • Fluent - makers of FLUENT, for analysis of fluid flow, heat, mass transfer, chemical , related phenomenon, GAMBIT, general-purpose preprocessor for CFD analysis, G/Turbo, TGrid, for rapid creation of FLUENT meshes, Icemax for integrated circuit modeling
  • Flowmaster - CFD simulation software for internal flow, thermal effects within fluid systems
  • FlowZ - CFD solver for aerodynamics, thermal hydraulics analysis, by Zeus Numerix
  • Fluent/FlowLab - uses power of flow visualization through CFD to teach basic fluid mechanics principles in engineering classroom
  • FLUID - incompressible fluid solver software contains examples, technical info, how to get source code
  • Fluidyn - CFD softwares for heat transfer, environmental, risk analysis, from Transoft International, which also offers R&D, consulting services in CFD, related fields 
  • Gridgen - grid generation, modeling software for CFD and FEA, from Pointwise
  • GridZ - grid generation software for meshing of computational domains, create multi-block structured grids for high fidelity simulations, by Zeus Numerix
  • GOTHIC - complex fluid flow by Numerical Applications
  • Hanley Innovations - makers of aerodynamics, airfoil analysis software, including WingAnalysis Plus, MultiSurface Aerodynamics, MultiElement Airfoils, VisualFoil, Stallion 3D
  • ICEM CFD Engineering - makers of ICEM CFD, 3D grid-generation software for CFD, other engineering applications, Icepak, electronics cooling simulation system
  • IRI - CFD (COMPACT), other flow analysis software
  • LS-DYNA - nonlinear dynamic finite element software, from Livermore Software Technology Corporation 
  • MAYA - makers of software that enables users to build individual thermal/flow models, then connect or couple them into thermal/fluid simulation assembly
  • Newmerical Technologies International - CFD software suite for aerodynamic analysis, design, optimization, aircraft in-flight icing, heat transfer, wind engineering, more
  • Optimal Solutions Software - supplies design deformation products like Sculptor, Sculptor Plus, CFD solutions for engineering designing, Idaho Falls, ID
  • PAM-FLOW - for prediction of vehicle aerodynamics, climate control, aero-acoustics simulation for identifying, quantifying flow-induce noise sources, from ESI Group
  • Pointwise - mesh generation software with flexible manual controls for engineering analysis, CFD, from Pointwise
  • PowerFLOW - fluid flow simulation by EXA
  • RBF Morph new - allows shape optimization study within ANSYS Fluent by morphing existing mesh, with integrated GUI, by RBF Morph
  • SC/Tetra - CFD program claims greater ease of use than typical CFD programs, by Software Cradle
  • SOFiSTiK - develops products in FEA, structural design, analysis, multiphysics CFD, Revit, building design, more, based in Oberschleissheim, Germany
  • STAR-CD - industrial CFD analysis by CD adapco Group
  • STAR CCM+ - 'next generation' CFD by CD adapco Group (reviews)
  • TetrUSS - unstructured-grid flow analysis, design computational fluid dynamic (CFD) software system developed at NASA Langley Research Center
  • Technalysis - software includes PASSAGE/WHEEL (flow through rotating blades), PASSAGE/DUCT, more
  • TURBOcfd - CFD solver tool for pumps, fans, helpful in blade designing, by Advanced Design Technology
  • TIGER - turbomachinery grid generation code by Catalpa Research
  • TNO Institute of Applied Physics - developers of CFD software for glass manufacturing, including Wish3D, GTM
  • WingAnalysis - uses classical, computational aerodynamics to accurately analyze airplane wings, from Hanley Innovations
  • ZNTutor-CFD - learning tool for beginners in CFD at undergraduate level or engineering trainees in companies, operates in Wizard mode, Interactive mode , by Zeus Numerix