ZWSOFT Unveils CADbro 2020

GUANGZHOU, China, Jan 15, 2019 – ZWSOFT unveiled the new CADbro 2020, an easy-to-use 3D CAD viewer designed for everyone who needs to collaborate on engineering data. Featuring real-time collaboration, more powerful online viewing, and 3D BOM, CADbro 2020 delivers smoother-than-ever internal and external collaboration to users in 3D CAD space. The highlighted features are as below:

Figure 1. Share model status with project members by real-time collaboration tools

Real-time collaboration tools

CADbro 2020 supports 3D CAD data collaboration in real time. After logging in the cloud account, users can invite project members to join an online discussion and start chatting in Dialog on the right, while operations such as rotating, viewing sections, adding dimensions, etc. will be synchronized instantly to the project members’ windows. Playback is also available to review the discussion.

Figure 2. Set permissions after generating share links for models

More powerful online viewing

Online viewing functions have been extended and optimized. First, there are more options for link sharing, like expiry date, passwords, view times, etc. Second, common operations such as isolating and hiding are added to the right-click menu. Third, changing view angle is easier by rotating the cube on the upper-right corner. The list of enhancements still goes on, such as exploding based on assembly structure, Perspective View, Unit Switcher, etc.

Figure 3. View models more flexibly on Web

New 3D BOM

Users can generate BOM directly in 3D space. In the generated BOM, they can select items by filters, calculate, search and edit attributes, export the information to excel files and reuse the customized templates. 3D BOM empowers users to manage part attributes efficiently.

CADbro 2020, designed for collaboration

Helping users collaborate on engineering data in 3D CAD space is the original intention of the CADbro team. “CADbro 2020 helps users collaborate on engineering data more efficiently, especially in real-time. I am really excited,” said Terry Deng, the product manager of CADbro. Now, CADbro 2020 package is available online with a 15-day free trial for users.

About CADbro

CADbro is a 3D CAD viewer that helps with your collaboration on engineering data. Packed with an intuitive interface, advanced tools to view, annotate, analyze, and cloud service to share, CADbro allows you to communicate 3D CAD data with project members anytime and anywhere.

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