ZW3D to Support ‘The Sea Cleaners’ Project

GUANGZHOU, China, Sep 15, 2017 – In the effort of 3 years, ZW3D successfully participated in the Sea Cleaners project in competition with Rhino and CATIA in September.

The Sea Cleaner Project, launched by Yvan Bourgnon in 2016, aims to reduce the plastic pollution present in the oceans which need a revolutionary giant ship capable of collecting all these plastics waste.

September 1, at the premises of ZW France, located in the Nantes area.

“ZW3D would benefit a very large visibility and influence because this environmental project is essential to ensure the protection of oceans,” said Julien Léger, marketing manager of ZW France, “the wishes of The Sea Cleaners are fitting with ZWSOFT because we want to contribute to any solutions or ideas which are innovative and ambitious to save our environment.”

Discussion among Owen Zi, The Sea Cleaners, ZW France, and ZWSOFT

In the form of a technical sponsorship, on the one hand, we provide ZW3D Standard Version licenses to all the engineers and naval architects working on the project. On the other hand, we also offer free training on ZW3D to designers who will work on the design of the ship.

The vessel – Manta, designed by ZW3D, will be capable of collecting waste both on the high seas and near the coast and is designed to move faster.

During this training, The Sea Cleaners team met Mr. Owen Zi, general manager of the ZW3D division.

Owen Zi is in charge of the international development of the ZW3D software. He admired the value of the project and shared with the designers about the improvements and the strengths of ZW3D against its competitors. These discussions will make ZW3D even more influential in the future. What’s more, it’s no doubt that the cooperation does well to prevent sea contamination.

Group photo with The Sea Cleaners, ZW France, and ZWSOFT

“We wanted to support an ambitious, technologically innovative project with social responsibility. So we proposed to the engineering team of The Sea Cleaners to work with ZW3D, which let them work on modeling the boat’s model,” said TahinaMiault, PR manager of ZW France, who executed this project, “the engineers will be able to create surfaces, calculate instantly the cuts for the interior, prepare the conception of the new plastic-waste-collecting systems. A strong 3D model enables calculations on finite elements (material resistance, capacities etc.).”

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