ZW3D 2017 Released for Sheet Metal, CAM

ZWSOFT_logoGUANGZHOU, China, Dec 6, 2016 – ZW3D, one of the world’s leading suppliers of advanced CAD/CAM solutions for the manufacturing industry, announced the global availability of ZW3D 2017, featuring more practical and flexible modeling & CNC functionalities.


Equipped with a stronger compatibility, flexible sheet metal module and boosted CAM module, ZW3D 2017 is set to boost design for the manufacturing industry with the highlights below.

Enhanced Translator for Smooth Data Exchange

With the enhanced translator, ZW3D 2017 has a stronger compatibility. It can easily read data like PMI (product manufacturing information) and hidden entities generated by mainstream 3D software (including CATIA V5/V6R2016 and SolidWorks 2016).


Upgraded Dynamic Section View to Present Design Vividly

This function offers a much-improved dynamic section view to reveal the internal structure of the design interactively, delivering better user experience to present designs both internally & externally.


Value-added Equation Manager to Master Variables and Equations

The value-added Equation Manager gathers all variables and equation sets into one form, helping designers or engineers to quickly create, manage and call variables and equations.


Flexible Sheet Metal Module to Accelerate Whole Process

The sheet metal module in this new version has made a giant leap in speeding up the whole design process.

For instance, intuitive parameters control provides flexible and efficient operating experience. Other functions like flange, fold by line, newly added editing tools are also improved to accelerate design process.


Boosted CAM to Save Programing Time

One of the most anticipated enhancements in CAM module would goes to the brand new flat finishing, which can detect all planes and create tool path accordingly. This can save at least 50% of programming time for flat regions. Besides, engraving with user defined tool and mill-turn simulation are well improved too.

“This is cool and will be a massive help. I tried using it in the Beta and it is brilliant, such a breath of fresh air after struggling with sectioned assemblies for years,”said Paul, a user of ZW3D forum.

Now ZW3D 2017 is available for global users in 12 languages (Deutsch and Japanese are coming soon).

For more information, please click here or visit ZWSOFT Facebook.


ZW3D is cost-effective CAD/CAM software for 3D modeling, mold design, and machining, which takes engineers from concept to finished product in one easy-to-use, single collaborative environment.

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