Zuken Offers Harness Builder 2018 for E3.series

WESTFORD, MA, Aug 13, 2018 – Harness Builder 2018 for E3.series has been enhanced to provide extended control and processing capabilities for wire harness manufacturers.

Wire highlighted from connection row: wires can be highlighted in the design by selecting the connection row and using Highlight Wire command.

Harness Builder for E3.series is designed to be used by harness manufacturers for the accurate generation of quotations and estimates, plus the full creation of nailboard/pegboard documentation. The latest update includes the following enhancements:

  • Directly load harness manufacturers’ connection lists from 3rd party toolsets
  • Assign components from a comprehensive library
  • Generate detailed manufacturing with direct connection to test apparatus, and bridge the gap to cut, mark, label and strip machines.

Cross-highlighting and color control: Wire colors can be displayed directly in formboard tables and template symbols assigned to the component or the device.

“Reliable cost estimates and powerful design processing capabilities are key for a sustainable business in the wire harness manufacturing market,” comments Sanu Warrier, Technical Marketing Manager, Zuken USA. “With Harness Builder for E3.series we have helped numerous harness manufacturers in North America build and maintain a competitive advantage. In the latest release we are specifically targeting the challenge of growing complexity through enhanced control of large designs.”

Extended choice of cut, mark, strip and test outputs

Harnesses created with Harness Builder for E3.series can be directly exported to wire cutting and labeling machines. The choice of supported formats has been extended through the addition of Artos Unity Format, KappaWIN, TopWIN and Schleuniger Cayman formats. All leading test machines including Cirris, DIT-MCO, Cami Research and Dynalab are now supported.

Harness Builder 2018 for E3.series is available now in North America.

For more information, visit us.zuken.com/e3series/harness-builder/.

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