Yokogawa Introduces LS3300 AC Power Calibrator

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation announced that it has developed the LS3300, an AC power calibrator that can produce a range of AC power outputs for the calibration of power meters and other types of power measuring instruments.

Measuring instruments such as power meters, thermometers, and multimeters that are used in product development and on production lines need to be calibrated periodically. Due to the recent widespread introduction of quality management systems that are compliant with ISO 9001 and other international standards, there is an increasing need for the calibration of measurement instruments.

Instruments used to calibrate power meters and power analyzers are capable of simultaneous voltage and current output with adjustable phase and can also perform three-phase AC power calibration if multiple calibration units are used in synchronization.

In response to such needs, Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corp. has developed the LS3300 AC power calibrator.

The LS3300 includes as a standard feature, the ability to output currents of up to 62.5 A for extended periods of time. Further, three LS3300s can be synchronized to easily output currents of up to 180 A, thus enabling the calibration of instruments such as smart meters and shunt-resistor current sensors and other devices that require higher currents.

One LS3300 unit can calibrate single-phase power meters. Multiple LS3300s can be used together to calibrate power meters used in single-phase three-wire AC power and three-phase AC power measurement. Using the multiunit control features of the LS3300, it is possibly to automatically set the voltage, current, power factor, phase, and other values on slave devices by updating those settings on the master unit.

For more information, visit Yokogawa website.

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