Yamaha Introduces LCM100 Linear Conveyor Module

The LCM100 linear conveyor module, a solution for robotic assembly by Yamaha Factory Automation Section, enables workpiece transport.

Each LCM100 module contains an independently controlled linear motor that enables bidirectional movement and programmable speed up to 3000mm/second. Production lines can be configured, not dependent on the longest process cycle time, and utilize inline equipment more efficiently to save space.

The sliders, combined with positioning accuracy better than ± 0.015mm, allow assembly tasks to be performed directly on the module. With no need to de-palletise and move workpieces from a conventional conveyor to a work-table, tact time can be faster and assembly cells smaller. Without physical microswitches or end stops, slider stop positions can be reprogrammed in software.

In addition, LCM100 modules are featured for interchangeability and reconfiguration, enabling assembly cells to be setup, especially for short production runs. Modules can also be removed or replaced to minimise downtime, and reused in other assembly cells to maximise utilzation.

The modules are available in standard 480mm and 640mm lengths and carry 15kg maximum payload. A 400mm circulation module is also available.

For more information, visit Yamaha website.

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