Yamaha Announces YK400XE SCARA Robot

Yamaha Motor Europe FA Section will release the SCARA robot ‘YK400 XE’ (with an arm length of 400 mm) on September 17, 2019.

This “YK400XE” is a successor model of the conventional model “YK400XR”. The maximum payload is 4 kg that is 1.4 times larger than the conventional modeland the standard cycle time is reduced approx. 10% to achieve 0.41 sec. by strengthening the drive system and arm, increasing the rigidity, and improving the performance of the controller “RCX340”.

The installation position is fully compatible with the conventional model.

This product will be exhibited at Yamaha’s booth 7328 in hall 7 at Motek Show 2019 from October 7-10, 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany.

For more information, visit Yamaha Motor website.

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