VOLANSYS’ Modular IoT Gateway Becomes AWS Qualified Device

for AWS IoT Greengrass, Core

VOLANSYS’ Modular IoT Gateway is now AWS Qualified Device for AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Greengrass. It is now listed on AWS Devices Catalog Globally under Gateway/Router category. It will extend an opportunity to all IoT Solutions Providers to build their solution with the most flexible and secure AWS IoT Core without investing much time and effort in building an IoT Gateway from scratch. Now Solution providers can focus on their end-user application to add more value in their overall business offerings. IoT device manufacturers and solution providers can now use our OEM Gateway Platform with complete customization support and AWS IoT Cloud & App Development support according to their needs.

AWS IoT Core enables customers to connect easily & securely millions of devices, manages billions of messages from devices to AWS Cloud. AWS IoT Greengrass brings local computing power, messaging, data caching, sync, and ML interface capabilities to Gateway Devices. With this Modular IoT Gateway provides all standard security and scalability features offered by AWS for IoT Solutions.

Modular Design of this Gateway brings flexibility and cost optimization by customizing configuration based on end-user applications. Powerful i.MX processor based AWS IoT Greengrass enabled Gateway provides a most configurable, ready-to-use and cost-effective option for product developers looking to introduce Gateways with edge compute capabilities.

About VOLANSYS Modular IoT Gateway

Modular IoT Gateway is an advanced, smart, customizable, multi-service product platform based on Volansys’ i.MX6UL/i.MX6ULL system-on-module. It allows users to design IoT solutions with multiple RF connectivity options with a mobile app, voice, and wearable support, including AWS IoT cloud integration. Using the low- power Bluetooth 4.2 and Thread-enabled IEEE 802.15.4 module (NXP KW41Z), NFC controller, Z-wave module (Silicon-labs ZM5304) and Zigbee module (NXP JN5169/JN5179), the Modular IoT Gateway acts a multi-protocol Wi-Fi Gateway that enables a wide variety of use-cases. It provides a customizable gateway platform that offers flexibility to design tailored IoT solutions for industries.

All IoT Solution providers, looking forward to building their solutions for Smart Healthcare, Smart Cities, Smart Security, Smart Hospitality, Smart Asset Tracking, Smart Industrial Automation, Smart Retail & Hospitality, and Smart Building Automation segment will be able to take advantage of this AWS ready OEM Solution without having high upfront investment in development. 

About VOLANSYS Technologies

VOLANSYS is among the leading IoT Services & Solution providers thriving to capture major market share in the area of Connected Products with office locations within USA and India.  We offer an integrated portfolio of services, solutions, and IPs, which covers product engineering and manufacturing services, cloud engineering services, mobility services, quality engineering services along with oem solutions. At our size, we are among very few companies who can be one-stop engineering and manufacturing partner for full fledge IoT Product/Solution starting from the sensor to gateways to cloud to mobility to analytics to AI and Machine Learning.

VOLANSYS helps enterprises, technology providers, and start-ups to build products in the domains of consumer electronics, home automation, healthcare, semiconductor, networking, multimedia & entertainment, manufacturing businesses.

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