Universal Robots Expands Operations in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Universal Robots expands operations in Bangladesh, after having set up operations in India and Sri Lanka. The launch of Universal Robots in Bangladesh took place in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Bangladesh, as a labor-intensive market, employs over 3 million people in the manufacturing industry. Bangladesh’s industry, mainly garment manufacturing, employs unskilled labor; therefore, falling short in the run to competing in the global markets in terms of output, productivity and efficiency. Introduction of collaborative robots will help boost productivity of the Bangladesh industry by ensuring minimization of downtime and upskilling of labor.

Universal Robots’ cobots are easy to program, install and their collaborative nature allows them to work side-by- side with the workforce for high-quality output and handling them requires no special training. They work as a ‘helping hand’ that helps the workforce in carrying out monotonous tasks, increases productivity and efficiency. The primary goal of Universal Robots is to empower workers by enabling them with smart manufacturing solutions which involves the utilization of collaborative robots’ technology and automation. Such kind of automation offers significant advantages to small and medium scale enterprises, from productivity gains to shorter payback periods which justify long term investment.

For more information, visit Universal Robots website.

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