Universal Robots, Apex to launch Zero Footprint Palletizer

Universal Robots and Apex Motion Control to launch Zero Footprint Palletizer at ATX West show in the US. The collaborative robots companies showcases new solutions to lower the automation barrier with exhibits including cobot-assisted palletizing, soldering and welding operations.

Attendees at ATX West show in Anaheim, CA, USA, Feb 6-8, 2018, will get a hands-on experience of how user friendly collaborative robots – or cobots – can now safely and effortlessly automate some of the most common manufacturing tasks in the industry. Universal Robots’ ATX booth #4616 is the launch pad for the Zero Footprint Palletizer (ZFP) ready for distribution in North America through Universal Robots Certified Systems Integrator, Apex Motion Control. The ZFP is a solution for mid-rate production at a maximum load of 18 lbs. The system can be easily redeployed throughout a facility and fits right into existing packaging lines without modification, replacing manual palletizing operations in minutes. Universal Robots’ UR10 cobot has been integrated with the ZFP, combining the full functionality of the robot with a vertical 7th axis swing system with the ability to stack on each side, supporting North American pallet sizing.

The ZFP can operate with no guarding. If an operator is detected in the carton pickup area, the collaborative safety features of the UR10 will safely reduce the speed of the robot until the area is cleared while the zero pressure accumulation infeed conveyor controls the flow of the product.

Another testament to the UR cobots’ flexible deployment potential is the new SnapWeld Collaborative Robot Welding package developed by ARC Specialties Inc  exhibited at Universal Robots’ ATX booth by UR Certified Systems Integrator Robot 27. The cobot welder is the first integrated MIG welding system for cobots.

The welding system integrated with the UR robot is comprised of a Profax wire feeder and water cooled torch enabling welds up to 600 amps, with torch bracket, all cables and hose packages included. The simplified programming is enabled by direct software integration into Universal Robots’ own programming environment through the UR+ platform, that allows users to program advanced settings directly on the UR robot’s teach pendant.

For more information, visit Universal Robots website.

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