Ultimate 3D Selects Prodways’ ProMaker P4000 X 3D Printer

PARIS, France, Nov 10, 2017 – Ultimate 3D, a very well-respected and growing service bureau in the USA, has chosen the ProMaker P4000 X 3D printer from Prodways Technologies to be installed in their facility in Oregon to help optimize their selective laser sintering productivity.

With several years of experience in 3D printing, Ultimate 3D specializes in Selective Laser Sintering technology and has become a well-established and growing service bureau in the United States. Ultimate 3D creates parts for prototyping and production uses, handling orders of several thousand parts if necessary.

ProMaker P4000 X

In order to raise their production capacity while maintaining their renowned precision and high quality standards, Ultimate 3D chose to install the highest productivity selective laser sintering 3D printer from Prodways, the ProMaker P4000 X.

The ProMaker P4000 X features a large build platform, allowing for high throughput, giving Ultimate 3D the benefits of one of the fastest and most effective mediums for realizing their customers’ designs. With the ability to print a custom model in a matter of days, Ultimate 3D is giving its customer the freedom to print a prototype – and even make modifications on a short timeline – and accelerate their time to market.

Benefiting from an open material strategy and allowing the use of different innovative materials, Ultimate 3D was able, with Prodways’ ProMaker P4000 X, to produce high-quality end-products for their customers with sharp details, high precision, and excellent surface quality on entire platform. Entering the mainstream with robust materials and rapid turnaround, Ultimate 3D is now able to directly print complete assemblies that are ready to function after a quick cleaning, once removed from the build chamber. Major industries like medical, aerospace, and many more, are already using 3D printing to manufacture high-value custom parts.

Mike Larkin & Robin Oeffner, the owners of Ultimate 3D, state: “The open platform of the ProMaker P4000 X gives us the flexibility we need to meet our customers’ needs. The speed of the machine helps us stay on top of the quick turnaround of parts that our customers have come to enjoy and expect. We are glad there is an alternative in the mid-sized machines for the SLS world that does not require you to strictly buy proprietary materials, as we have varying requirements based on customer criteria. The quality we are able to offer our customer base is best-in-class.”

This new announcement with Ultimate 3D confirms Prodways’ strategy to offer new technologies that allow the development of the “rapid manufacturing” applications expected by the market.

About ProMaker P4000 X

The ProMaker P4000 X offers the fastest scanning speed & highest build rates to meet industrial needs, featuring best-in-class, fully digital scanning technology, high laser power, and large effective build platform. This 3D printer delivers state-of-the-art, industrial production capabilities for functional prototypes and rapid manufacturing.

More information on ProMaker P4000 X.

About Prodways Technologies

Prodways Technologies is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of industrial 3D printers, offering a broad spectrum of multi-technology 3D printing systems and related premium materials. The company focuses on developing rapid manufacturing applications as well as supporting innovation with an open material strategy. Prodways Technologies caters to a large number of different industries, including health, aerospace, and automotive, providing innovative companies the means to shift to 3D printing-based production.

Prodways Technologies is a subsidiary of PRODWAYS GROUP. In 2016, the group generated revenue of €25.2 million, including 58% outside of France.

For further information, visit www.prodways.com.

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