Tungaloy Updates DeepTri-Drill series for Drill Design

Tungaloy is introducing a new drill design to its DeepTri-Drill series, a successful line of indexable gun drills, optimized for drilling cross holes in deep hole making processes.

Deep hole making is a difficult, bottlenecking task for any job shop with one of the most challenging processes drilling intersecting water-cooling channels in injection mold bases. Although such processes were previously addressed with tailored DeepTri-Drills, Tungaloy now offers the most popular bore diameters in standard DeepTri-Drill line as a response to increasing customer requests.

The new DeepTri-Drill for cross hole drilling is equipped with an extra pair of guide pads allocated longitudinally on the drill body, providing secure support of the drill when crossing a large diameter hole. Stable cross hole drilling is now possible with the standard line of DeepTri-Drill, which traditionally called for a skilled operator to manipulate and optimize the program for the drill to enter and exit a cross hole.

The indexable DeepTri-Drill gun drill not only provides improved machining efficiency with no compromise for drill stability but also facilitates inventory management by eliminating the need for drill resharpening. This new drill design addition to DeepTri-Drill further enhances productivity and cost reduction in a broader range of deep hole drilling applications.

Product at a Glance

  • Extra guide pads help stabilize the drill when crossing a hole
  • Close hole accuracy thanks to optimal insert and guide pad allocations based on BTA deep hole drilling technology
  • 5x-3x higher feed rates are applicable compared to a brazed gun drill
  • Optimized insert geometry promotes smooth and reliable chip evacuation
  • Indexable drills eliminates the need and costs for resharpening and tool inventory control, which is mandatory for brazed or solid tools
  • Two drill body types are available: MCTR for machining centers and lathes; TRLG for gun drill machines

Total of 38 items to be introduced.

For more information, visit Tungaloy website.

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