Tungaloy Introduces DoQuad-Mill

Tungaloy is introducing DoQuad-Mill, the latest breakthrough in face milling cutters that is designed to address cutter-workpiece interference. A typical face milling cutter, because of its 45° entering angle, does not allow machining close to walls or fixture clamps. DoQuad-Mill, on the other hand, comes in a near 90° entering angle so that the cutter is interference-free, capable of face milling extremely close to the walls and fixture clamps.

The double-sided square insert with economical 8 true cutting edges incorporates a concave cutting edge profile with a large inclination angle which helps generate barrel-shaped chips and prevent chips from being re-cut. The insert’s large rake angle generates as low cutting force as that of standard positive milling inserts. This is extremely effective when machining a workpiece with low rigidity or in a weak fixture setting.

DoQuad-Mill offers cutter diameters ranging from ø50 mm through ø100 mm in either standard or close pitch insert orientation. The standard pitch is designed to ensure chatter-free milling, while the close pitch cutter is suited when high machining efficiency is critical. Inserts are available in corner radii of 2.0 mm, 1.2 mm, and 0.8 mm. (R1.2 and R0.8 are scheduled to be released in January, 2019)

At a Glance:

  • Allows face milling extremely close to walls or fixture clamps
  • Economical 8 true cutting edges per insert
  • Free cutting inserts ideal for milling workpiece with low rigidity or in weak fixture

Total of 20 cutter body items and 8 insert items to be added.

For more information, visit Tungaloy website.

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