Tungaloy Enhances BTA Drill Inserts

for Deep Drilling of Superalloys, Stainless Steel

Tungaloy is expanding the insert line of FineBeam BTA drill series to include AH8015 grade inserts with the G style chip former.

FineBeam incorporates high quality inserts and guide pads to enable high precision deep hole drilling. AH8015 consists of a nano-multilayered PVD coating with high aluminum content. This coating characteristic provides increased resistance against wear and built-up edge over existing grades, enabling long and predictable tool life during the machining of heat resistant superalloys and stainless steel. Combined with the versatile G style chip former, the new inserts enables high quality holes and prolonged tool life in every deep hole drilling application.

At a Glance

    • Provides long tool life in heat resistant superalloys and stainless steel
    • Coating with enhanced wear resistance
    • Provides edge chipping resistance and fracture toughness
    • 15 inserts to be added

For more information, visit Tungaloy website.

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