Thorlabs Announces VEG210C1, VEG220C1 Imaging Systems

Thorlabs announced that it has added to its VEGA OCT line by releasing complete imaging systems, VEG210C1 and VEG220C1. Based on Thorlabs’ MEMS‐VCSEL swept‐wavelength laser source technology, these systems are available in both 100 kHz (VEG210) and 200 kHz (VEG220) variants.


The MEMS‐VCSEL swept source and the imaging module are both packaged into a single housing including the scanning electronics and an interferometer with a balanced detector. Several key hardware controls can be adjusted using the included ThorImageOCT software, such as polarization controllers, sensor gain, as well as reference arm length and intensity.

Like all other Thorlabs OCT systems, the user can choose to purchase a complete, preconfigured system, which includes a scanner with dedicated imaging objective, scanner stand, and sample manipulation stage, or to opt for a user‐configurable solution where the customer chooses from a large selection of modular components.

All Thorlabs OCT systems are shipped with a computer preinstalled with the ThorImageOCT 5.1 image acquisition software as well as a user‐programmable Thorlabs OCT software development kit (SDK). To allow for custom data analysis, the user also has access to the raw data.

For more information, visit Thorlabs website.

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