Theorem Releases Creo to CATIA V5 Multi-CAD v19.3

TheoremSolutions_logoSTAFFORDSHIRE, UK, Jan 17, 2017 – Theorem Solutions has announced the release of v19.3, the latest version of Theorem’s Creo to CATIA V5 Multi-CAD product.

Integrated within the CATIA V5 application, v19.3 supports from CATIA V5-6R2013 up to and including CATIA V5-6R2016, as well as Creo 2.0 and 3.0, providing the user with the highest levels of interoperability. This uni-directional product can be packaged with Theorem’s CATIA V5 Multi-CAD to Creo product, creating a bi-directional translator.

Multi-CAD products support the introduction of assembly structure, geometry, attributes, FTA and Metadata from Creo data with additional support for the processing of model based definition (MBD) information from Creo.

Theorem’s Creoto CATIA V5 Multi-CAD product is based upon the Dassault Systemes XCAD infrastructure, allowing CATIA V5 users to incorporate parts and assemblies from Creo, directly within the CATIA environment and removing the need for external translators, providing a ‘design in context’ experience. It does so by pulling the files directly into CATIA and using the existing CATIA V5 commands of “Insert existing component”, “file open” and “file save as”.

With Multi-CAD, CATIA V5 users are able to select a part or assembly designed in Creo, and insert it as a node on their CATIA V5 design tree; either as a single component or full assembly.

The application checks geometry for errors and validates the integrity of the data as it comes into CATIA. Creo files are completely associative which lets the CATIA user to automatically update their CATIA design with changes authored in Creo. Multi-CAD then tracks changes and updates the master model as each sub-assembly is developed. The beauty of the solution is the interlinking of the CATIA data and Creo data.

Theorem’s strategic partnerships with Dassault Systemes and PTC ensures that there is parallel development between the latest releases of CATIA V5, Creo and Theorem’s Multi-CAD products, allowing Theorem to continue to provide data solutions for the CATIA and PTC communities.

About Theorem Solutions

Theorem Solutions works with engineering and manufacturing companies to reduce the cost of project collaboration with their customers, suppliers and internal departments.  The innovative and advanced data translation products and services provided also helps to protect the value of engineering data and the intellectual property it contains.

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