Tethon 3D Launches Flexalite 3D Printing Resin Material


3D print fabricated with Flexalite ResinFlexalite 3D Print

“Flexalite was developed in response to consumer demand,” says Karen Linder, president and CEO of Tethon 3D. “For some functional applications -personal wearables for example – the absence of color along with flexibility is highly desirable. Comfort, subtlely and minimalism are important design qualities.”

Flexalite is a polymer resin that requires no post processing steps after UV-based 3D printing, other than cleaning and additional UV curing as needed based on the design thickness. It is manufactured at Tethon 3D’s facility in Omaha, Nebraska and is immediately available worldwide in liter bottles by ordering from tethon3d.com.

About Tethon 3D

Tethon 3D is the world leader in ceramic materials for additive manufacturing. The company manufactures all its products in the United States and distributes globally. Tethon 3D manufactures resins and powders for SLA, DLP, CLIP and powder/jet binder 3D printing.

Additionally, the company provides service in 3D modeling, scanning and ceramic 3D printing, as well as 3D printing educational workshops and a residency program.

Tethon 3D holds several patents related to ceramic 3D printing materials, 3D printing processes and 3D printer hardware.

For more information on Tethon 3D, visit http://www.tethon3d.com.

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