TEKTELIC Partners with myDevices, OrbiWise for IoT

tektelic_logoLAS VEGAS, NV, Jan 4, 2017 -TEKTELIC Communications, a leading manufacturer of LoRa IoT gateways has partnered with myDevices, an internet of things (IoT) solutions company that simplifies the connected world, and OrbiWise, a leading provider of infrastructure solutions for IoT, to showcase their combined end-to-end solution for the Internet of Things at CES 2017.

Combining the capabilities of TEKTELIC’s highly versatile and low cost KonaEdge LoRa Pico gateway and the market leading OrbiWise UBiQ LoRa Core Network server, the data from end devices can be quickly and easily visualized in the myDevices Cayenne IoT application platform. The key advantage of the combined solution is rapid and user friendly enablement of IoT connectivity from the ‘things’ of interest, through to the end user visible applications.

The KonaEdge Pico LoRa gateway is an 8 channel plug-and-play LoRa gateway that connects directly into an existing broadband service, self-configures, and extends LoRa coverage inside the home or small office. Users experience premier IoT connectivity, consistent service and reliability, regardless of their proximity to the macro LoRaWAN network.

“Our KonaEdge gateway provides instantaneous, low cost connectivity infrastructure and with our partners we extend that paradigm to the complete end-to-end system,” stated David Tholl, Tektelic’s CTO. “The combined solution provides an ‘instant-on’ IoT experience that removes a lot of the complexity from delivering commercial IoT solutions quickly and cost effectively to the end users.”

OrbiWise’s cloud-based UbiQ LoRa Core Network software suite provides the control and maintenance function over all elements of a LoRa Network – from devices to gateways to servers to back-end customer interfaces. The suite is now fully integrated with TEKTELIC’s KonaEdge and the Cayenne IoT platform.

“UbiQ, our carrier grade solution is perfectly suited to support this kind of end-to-end integration, by providing granular control over all of the elements of the end-to-end system.” says Domenico Arpaia, CEO of OrbiWise.”

myDevices’ Cayenne platform empowers businesses to rapidly deploy IoT solutions and efficiently manage data. Cayenne is device- and connectivity-agnostic and provides full control of hardware regardless of manufacturer, all in a scalable and flexible environment. Cayenne has a fully customizable dashboard with drag-and-drop widgets, an integrated rules engine for triggers and threshold alerts, robust scheduling features, and sophisticated visualization tools.

“It is important to collaborate and bring together technology partners through our IoT Ready Program that together can unlock real value of IoT and provide interoperability and seamless communication between devices for our mutual customers and the entire LoRa community,” said Kevin Bromber, CEO of myDevices. “Working with partners like Tektelic and OrbiWise we are doing everything in our power to make it easy for our business clients to accelerate their commercial IoT LoRa network roll outs.”

To see a demo of this integrated solution visit the myDevices IoT Creation Suite at Mandalay Bay. To make an appoint email ces@myDevices.com.

About myDevices

myDevices, an IoT solutions company, is the creator of Cayenne, the world’s first drag-and-drop IoT Project Builder, which enables customers to bring their IoT projects from prototype to mass production. The company also hosts a vibrant online community of IoT developers where users collaborate and share information. myDevices’ connectivity and device-agnostic technology empowers engineers and enterprise partners to easily develop and deploy IoT solutions into their existing infrastructure and business. myDevices is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

For more information, please visit www.myDevices.com.

About OrbiWise

OrbiWise SA is a leading international solution provider for LPWA IoT networks based on LoRa technology and is a Contributing Member of the LoRa Alliance. OrbiWise’s customers deploy LPWA networks in smart city, precise agriculture and industrial applications – amongst others. OrbiWise’s UbiQ LoRa Core Network Solution is an industry-leading product that provides the intelligence to run, maintain and observe the operations of LoRa Networks. The company is headquartered in Plan- Les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland.

For more information, please visit www.orbiwise.com.

About TEKTELIC Communications Inc.

TEKTELIC Communications develops and manufactures high performance wireless products including, highly scalable carrier-grade IoT LoRaWAN Gateways, Small Cell Base Stations, Wireless Backhaul Systems, High Power & High Efficiency Radios and Power Amplifiers. With its world class and proven RF expertise and growing portfolio of IPR TEKTELIC offers a complete set of products and design services that enables TEKTELIC to quickly develop and transition products from concept to production. TEKTELIC is valued for reducing technology risks, accelerating time to market and for developing cost optimized designs for volume manufacturing.

For more information, please visit www.tektelic.com.

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