TEDCF Releases 9 Autodesk Inventor 2019 Training Courses

SPRINGVILLE, CA, Nov 8, 2018 – TEDCF Publishing, an Autodesk authorized publisher and member of the Autodesk developer network, announced the release of 9 Autodesk Inventor video based training courses.

“I’m very pleased with this year’s courses for Autodesk Inventor,” said David Melvin, PE, author of the courses. “One of the outstanding features is training for model based definition, also known as 3D Annotation. MBD is the next big step in providing product and manufacturing information directly on the 3D model. Eventually this may make 2D drawings obsolete.”

While MBD is the latest in CAD technology TEDCF Publishing’s courses for Autodesk Inventor cover a wide range of modeling practices. They start with the basics and build to advanced topics like iLogic, FEA, and Dynamic Simulation. They contain over 62.5 hours of instruction, which is unmatched in the training industry.

This is what Patrick Wabwire, product design, PLM & PDM manager for Parker Hannifin – Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems Division has to say about TEDCF Publishing’s courses. “As an Engineer whose role is to ensure the proper training of my colleagues, we wallowed in the abyss of training classes, several thousands of dollars per trainee, for many years. The result was a poorly trained team, unable to properly utilize our CAD software causing many errors and engineering changes.”

“I then came upon TEDCF online training literary moments before we were going to spend $4500 to train one user on one module.” Patrick continues, “For that amount, we got 50 users access to over 62 hours of training video on all the modules we were interested in. The material is accessible on any device, the learning is self paced, logically organized to build up one’s skills, narrated and demonstrated in painstaking detail.  I learnt more in one month of TEDCF Inventor training than all the previous seven years I had interacted with the software. In my 23 years in industry, TEDCF training is the best value I have encountered by miles upon miles.”

The Ultimate Bundle of Inventor 2019 Training Courses contains all 9 courses.

While Patrick’s team used the Online Training subscription option, which is accessible from tablets, phones, and any device connected to the internet, users can purchase a permanent license installed on their computer.

The Ultimate Bundle includes all 9 courses, but TEDCF Publishing offers smaller bundles ranging from 2 to 7 courses. For information about bundles and training visit Autodesk Inventor 2019 training.

Each training course is designed to teach beginner and advanced users effective ways of using Inventor while progressively building skills and sound practices. Users start their training with the Solid Modeling course.

The Solid Modeling course ships on a USB Card.

“Before using Autodesk Inventor my solid modeling skills were not the best.” said Kyle Willson, CAD drafting designer for AllState Fastener Corp. “Thanks to TEDCF and David Melvin I feel more comfortable using Inventor Solid Modeling. The course is designed so you learn at your own pace to get a better understanding of the commands. You can always refer back to sections of the course if you have questions. Found this to be most helpful.”

TEDCF Publishing is also known for creating easy to understand step-by-step training and this course is no exception. Kyle continues to say, “The knowledge and clarity of the lessons were beneficial. I strongly agree if someone is looking to learn Inventor this is a great start. I’m looking forward to continuing more courses.”

Solid Modeling covers all the commands associated with solid modeling as well as tips and tricks that assure the user’s models are easily modifiable and constructed using sound processes. Beginner and advanced users should start with this course because it provides founding concepts for advanced operations and procedures discussed in later courses.

Visit the Solid Modeling course on TEDCF Publishing’s website to learn more.

The Assemblies and Advanced Concepts 2019 Course

Assemblies and Advanced Concepts is the second course in the series. It takes the skills developed in the Solid Modeling course to a new level. Users develop advanced skills like creating iParts, iFeatures, and iAssemblies. It teaches best practices for applying assembly constraints, working with flexible and mirrored assemblies, creating adaptive parts and assemblies, working with the Design Accelerator, and several advanced part and assembly development methods like top down, middle out, and bottom up design.

Visit the Assemblies and Advanced Concepts course on TEDCF Publishing’s website to learn more.

2D Drafting and Customization Course

This is the course that contains training for MBD. 2D Drafting and Customization is the third course in the series covering all the commands associated with 2D drawings and MBD. It develops best practice skills for using the commands and streamlining workflow. Users learn how to create customized drawing templates and styles, and how to interface Inventor with AutoCAD.

Visit the 2D Drafting and Customization course on TEDCF Publishing’s website to learn more.

The Sheet Metal Design Course

Sheet Metal Design shows users how to work with sheet metal parts as well as showing tips and tricks that can be applied to standard parts and assemblies. It covers all the sheet metal commands, explains how to fold and unfold parts, and critical techniques needed for punches, K-Factors and Bend Tables. It also comes with a K-Factor Calculator that calculates K-Factors as well as Bend Allowances.

The Sheet Metal Design course also covers advanced assembly modeling practices like multi-part modeling also known as Top Down Sheet Metal Modeling, the Frame Generator, and the Weldment environment.

Visit the Sheet Metal Design course on TEDCF Publishing’s website to learn more.

Tube and Pipe Routed Systems Course

Tube and Pipe Routed Systems is an advanced course designed to streamline the process of creating routes and runs using the Inventor Tube and Pipe module. TEDCF Publishing recommends users watch the Solid Modeling, Assemblies and Advanced Concepts, 2D Drafting and Customization, and Sheet Metal Design courses before attempting to master the concepts in this course.

This course shows how to make custom Tube and Pipe Styles, publish custom iPart Families to the Content Center, create derived routes and autoroutes, and the tasks required to populate routes. Most importantly, it shows you how to work effectively in the Tube and Pipe environment to assure runs update properly and automatically when assembly components are modified.

Visit the Tube and Pipe Routed Systems course on TEDCF Publishing’s website to learn more.

The Inventor Studio Made Simple Course

Inventor Studio Made Simple is an advanced course designed to show users best practices for rendering images and animations. TEDCF Publishing recommends users watch the Solid Modeling, Assemblies and Advanced Concepts, 2D Drafting and Customization, and Sheet Metal Design courses before attempting to learn the concepts in this course. It breaks the processes of creating professional looking images and animations into manageable and easy to understand steps.

Visit the Inventor Studio Made Simple course on TEDCF Publishing’s website to learn more.

The iLogic Made Simple Course

iLogic is a fast way to automate the construction of models, assemblies, and drawings and the learning curve is shorter than one would think. Users need to have the strong foundation of the advanced skills taught in the first 6 courses, but iLogic can be mastered even if you don’t have programming experience. iLogic Made Simple starts with the basics and progressively builds the skills required to automatically change features on parts, change parts in assemblies and generate drawings for all new components. It simplifies the process to assure users take all the necessary steps when using iLogic.

Visit the iLogic Made Simple course on TEDCF Publishing’s website to learn more.

Dynamic Simulation Made Simple Course

Autodesk Inventor’s Dynamic Simulation module can be used to demonstrate the functionality of assemblies. You can apply gravity, joints, and forces to your assemblies and show how they perform to your customers and colleagues. It’s a helpful development tool as well as a marketing tool.

Dynamic Simulation Made Simple explains how to unleash the power of this module by breaking it down into simple to follow steps. For example, bounce calculations can be cumbersome. So this course comes with a Bound Calculator. Just follow the steps in the course and anyone can perform bounce calculations to optimize dynamic simulations.

Bounce calculations are just a fraction of what this course covers. It shows how to simplify the creation of joints by showing how to automate the process. Users learn how to apply traces to vertices and graph their path as assembly animations are simulated. The course explains each joint type in detail and gives recommendations for choosing one type over another. Users learn about applying forces, transitional initial conditions, stiffness, and damping.

Ultimately users learn all the technical aspects required to simulate a trebuchet throwing a sphere about the size of a golf ball. The trebuchet, affectionately call The Rack, uses a rack and pinion gearing system to transfer potential energy to kinetic energy. Users can plot the path of the ball as is spins in The Rack and is sent as a projectile affected by gravity.

Visit the Dynamic Simulation Made Simple course on TEDCF Publishing’s website to learn more.

About the Author

David Melvin, PE is a licensed Mechanical Engineer and Autodesk University instructor with over 25 years of experience in research and development for major companies. He founded The Engineering Department Consulting Firm in 1998 and soon discovered he needed an easier and faster way to train his draftsmen and engineers to use Autodesk Inventor software. This need led to David founding TEDCF Publishing’s video-based training courses in 2000. Now these courses are used by thousands of professionals, students, and teachers all over the world.

About TEDCF Publishing

Founded in 2000, TEDCF Publishing is a division of The Engineering Department Consulting Firm. The company attained recognition as an Autodesk Authorized Publisher & Developer within the first year of business. The company provides downloadable permanent training courses on USB as well as subscription based online training for Autodesk Inventor 2013 through 2019, SOLIDWORKS 2013-2018, and Microsoft Excel. All courses and bundles are available for download, shipped on USB, or online subscription.

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