Tech Soft 3D Releases HOOPS Exchange 2017

TechSoft3D_newlogoBEND, OR, Jan 19, 2017 – Tech Soft 3D, leading provider of software development tools and 3D PDF solutions to the engineering industry, announces the release of HOOPS Exchange 2017, the industry’s fastest and most accurate data exchange solution. With support for SOLIDWORKS 2017, NX11, Solid Edge ST 9 and many more, HOOPS Exchange 2017 software development kit (SDK) enables broad CAD file read/write capability without any dependency on proprietary CAD systems and without having to develop file-reading technology in-house. In addition, HOOPS Exchange continues to expand its support of critical manufacturing workflows by adding support for JT 9.5, as well as 3MF to expand support for 3D printing file formats.

HOOPS Exchange provides fast and accurate access to all major CAD file formats.

HOOPS Exchange provides fast and accurate access to all major CAD file formats.

“Our mission is to help our partners create the best, most sophisticated engineering applications in the quickest, easiest way possible and HOOPS Exchange 2017 further delivers on that mission,” said Eric Vinchon, HOOPS Exchange product manager. “Worrying about working with different CAD formats shouldn’t be a concern in this day and age of technology – we know our partners want to focus on creating the applications their customers need and that they rely on HOOPS Exchange because it is the premier solution for engineering data reuse. In addition, manufacturing workflows continue to change and expand, and adding in support for 3D printing file formats is key for supporting their customers evolving workflows.”

Another major enhancement to HOOPS Exchange is the ability to use multi-process to improve the loading time of CAD assemblies. This means that users can access and work with large, complex CAD assemblies in seconds, instead of wasting time waiting for the files to load.

About HOOPS Exchange

HOOPS Exchange delivers complete, cost effective and accurate 3D CAD data access to multiple file formats faster than any other solution. Companies such as Actify, Aras, DISCUS, 3D Systems, GrabCAD (now Stratasys) and CD-adapco rely on HOOPS Exchange’s underlying technology to give their desktop, cloud or enterprise applications a competitive edge.

Developers interested in exploring the capabilities of the HOOPS Exchange API can download a demo, or build a prototype by requesting a free 60-day evaluation.

About Tech Soft 3D

Tech Soft 3D is the leading global provider of development tools that help software teams deliver successful applications, as well as the creator of the PRC format that is part of the PDF standard. Established in 1996 and headquartered in Bend, Oregon, Tech Soft 3D also has offices in California, Ohio, France, England and Japan. The company’s toolkit products power nearly 500 unique applications running on hundreds of millions of computers worldwide, while the Tetra4D brand of end-user products are used by many of the top manufacturing and construction firms for converting CAD data into 3D PDF.

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