Striker Announces Support for Mate EasySnap

striker_logoWHITE HOUSE, TN, Oct 25, 2016 – Striker Systems has announced advanced support for the Mate EasySnap tool in its latest STRIKER CAD/CAM software.

The Mate EasySnap is a unique technology for part retention and separation in CNC punching operations. It differs from conventional micro-joint tools in that it does not leave a connecting tab. Instead, the tool creates a line of weakness (snapline) in both surfaces of the sheet metal. This allows parts to be snapped free simply by bending along the snap line. The EasySnap lends itself to scrapless part retention and often eliminates secondary deburring operations.

During programming, the part retention technology of the EasySnap requires tool placement that differs from conventional micro-joint tools.  Rather than placing two tool hits with the desired tab width between as is typical with a micro-joint tool, a single tool hit of the Mate EasySnap can be used. STRIKER CAD/CAM software places the EasySnap automatically on a per-part basis or across an entire nested sheet, or interactively allowing the programmer to pick the desired EasySnap locations.

“Striker Systems is a very market driven software company,” states Michael Boggs, Striker Systems VP of sales.  “As our customers incorporate technology into their punching operations, we will continually work to automate their programming process. Advancing our support for the Mate EasySnap demonstrates our commitment to providing the most automated CNC punch programming software available.”

About Striker Systems

Striker Systems is a world leader in the development of CAD/CAM and nesting software for the sheet metal fabrication industry.

For additional information about Striker Systems sheet metal CAD/CAM and nesting software solutions, please visit the Striker Systems website at

About Mate Precision Tooling

Mate Precision Tooling is the leading manufacturer of original and replacement tooling for Amada, Euromac, LVD-Strippit, PrimaPower and Trumpf punch presses.

For additional information about the Mate EasySnap or any of the Mate Precision Tooling products, please visit the Mate Precision Tooling website at

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