Stabiplan Launches Stabicad 11 for MEP Engineers

BODEGRAVEN, Netherlands, May 24, 2017 – Stabiplan launches Stabicad 11 – a new version of the leading design software for MEP engineers. Stabicad 11 allows installers to keep abreast of the latest BIM developments through enhanced performance with faster start-up times and tools that enable engineers to deliver more productive and high-quality designs. This is in direct response to the shorter turnaround times and higher delivery requirements for installation projects that a recovering market demands. Stabicad 11 features a new excel export tool, air leakage calculation, e-learning, Autodesk 2018, support and more.

All parties involved in a building project are aware that the market is picking up. Big challenging projects and plenty of room for innovation have an influence on the installation, the design process and maintenance. Residential construction has gained new momentum and is becoming more sophisticated thanks to high-tech facilities. Among other things, the next new Stabicad 11 functionality prepares MEP engineers for meeting the demands that are inherent to these developments.

  • Air leakage calculation: calculate air leakage in accordance with the ISSO 17 (2010) standard, or an independent factor.
  • Excel export tool: insert information on elements into your model, current view or even a simple selection in an Excel file.
  • Context-sensitive ribbon: tools in the ribbon automatically adapt to logical adjustments for the selected items. This means fewer clicks to get to your favorite connect commands.
  • Autodesk 2018 support: to ensure that all new functionalities to work optimally, we are evolving along with the latest developments. Benefit from the improvements in AutoCad 2018 and Revit 2018 with the support of these new products.
  • Major Revit template update: among other things, the template now has color screens based on Stabicad’s calculation parameters.
  • E-learning: an effective and cost-saving online learning method that offers all Stabicad functionality, modeling and drawing processes.

Stabicad 11 is the tool that facilitates collaboration between the installation sector and other building partners in BIM projects; from advice, design, detailing and realization to maintenance. Discover all of the highlights at and go BIM LIVE with Stabicad 11.

About Stabiplan 

Since 1990, Stabiplan has been leading the way in the development of Revit- and CAD-based software for installation engineering in Europe. Stabicad is a multi-platform designed to meet local demands and the engineer’s requirements. In use at more than 3,500 customers , it has a daily user group of more than 8,5000 engineers. Stabiplan has branches in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Romania.

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