SSI Forms ARCOS for Shipbuilding Business

SSI-ShipConstructor-LogoVICTORIA, Canada, Oct 6, 2016 – ARCOS Innovations Inc. (ARCOS) is a new joint venture founded by key members of SSI leadership and a senior SSI reseller with expertise in the implementation and development of enterprise systems for shipbuilding and offshore.

The mission of ARCOS is to help customers solve key business challenges faced in shipbuilding today through a combination of shipbuilding and technology expertise. Through partnerships with ARAS Corp. and SSI, ARCOS can deliver, and successfully implement, breakthrough technologies to the shipbuilding industry. These technologies include the Aras Innovator PLM platform and the SSI EnterprisePlatform engineering content hub.

ARCOS is committed to, and has selected technology partners to allow, the agile implementation of solutions to shipbuilding specific business challenges. “Typical enterprise implementation or integration projects in shipbuilding have ROI targets measured in years and even then do not solve many of the challenges they started out to address.”, says SSI CEO Darren Larkins. “ARCOS has been formed to deliver incremental value to shipbuilders with ROI measured in months, not years.”

The creation of ARCOS signals the end of multi-year, high cost, low ROI IT implementation projects that fail to advance the business of shipbuilding.

About SSI

SSI develops Autodesk based solutions for the shipbuilding and offshore industry including: ShipConstructor software, an AutoCAD based CAD/CAM product line; and EnterprisePlatform, a tool for sharing product data model information. SSI solutions take advantage of the native DWG platform and the global pools of experience provided by the world’s most popular CAD platform.

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ARCOS helps organizations be more competitive and profitable in the “Business of Shipbuilding”. ARCOS is positioned to be a valuable resource of technology and industry specific expertise its customers can deploy in order to achieve desired and significant process improvements via projects like PLM and ERP implementations.

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