SQream Launches IoT Edge Partner Innovation Lab

NEW YORK, NY, May 3, 2019 – SQream, developer of SQream DB, the software-defined GPU-accelerated data warehouse designed for rapidly analyzing massive data stores at a fraction of the cost, announced the launch of the IoT Edge Partner Innovation Lab in its Tel Aviv R&D office.

For innovation partners, the lab will provide an optimal environment for proof of concepts to test SQream Nano with existing and emerging software and test data. SQream Nano enables the management of terabytes of data at the edge, enabling immediate action on data to improve operational efficiency, quality and security.

For areas such as automotive, industrial machines, mobility, smart manufacturing, maritime, aviation and drones, smart cities and more, business and system critical insights can be garnered allowing for rapid response to events and faults, with significantly reduced latency.

Key design elements that make SQream Nano appealing for IoT edge computing:

Millions of data points per second

  • Output machine data directly to SQream DB
  • SQL access
  • Columnar engine tuned for time-series data
  • Fast ad-hoc querying, aggregations, joins, custom functions (UDFs)
  • Near real-time SQL performance
  • Insights and BI integration with popular tools via ODBC, JDBC, Python Anaconda

SQream Nano combines the power of SQream DB, in a low-profile, highly energy-efficient NVIDIA Jetson system, with ultra-fast analytics capabilities.

“When we started developing SQream DB, one of the original ideas was to enable streaming IoT data for rapid analytics at the edge,” said Ami Gal, co-founder and CEO at SQream. “The SQream Nano Partner Innovation Lab will build on the successful results we have with enterprises around the world, and provide an infrastructure for IoT partners who want to leverage our ability to store very large amounts of data locally for near real-time monitoring and analysis.”

SQream Nano can monitor billions of daily events, correlate them, and power predictive analytics. When combined with a C2 (command and control) system, SQream Nano can facilitate proactive measures like changing schedules, calling for proactive maintenance, or toggling modes of elements such as valves and actuators. Providing increased durability, security and privacy, SQream scales easily with lower overall compute and storage requirements.

For more information, visit SQream Technologies website.

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