Smartmobilevision Partners with WhiteClouds

To Scan, Create 3D Physical Model

OGDEN, UT, Nov 1, 2017 – Smartmobilevision, creator of the Scann3D app, has partnered with WhiteClouds—the world’s largest full-color 3D printing service provider—making it possible to scan and create a 3D physical model of just about anything using your mobile device. The new partnership makes ordering a 3D print from a scan as simple as clicking a button.

“We’re excited about this partnership with Smartmobilevision,” said Braden Ellis, WhiteClouds CRO. “Bringing the power of 3D scanning and printing to the masses is a big step in technology.”

Smartmobilevision uses its Scann3D app to to turn your mobile device into a standalone tool to capture 3D objects. Users are able to easily scan an object using your phone’s camera. The app processes the data to create a 3D model on your device. There is no need to upload the model to servers saving time and bandwidth.

Once the model is captured, it can then be shared with others digitally, and, with a click of a button, be sent to WhiteClouds where the model is 3D printed and shipped to your door.

WhiteClouds uses the latest in 3D printing technologies and can print replica models in full-color. Typical turn around time is 3 – 5 days and cost depends on the size of the model.

About WhiteClouds

WhiteClouds delivers a complete 3DaaS platform that enables businesses to create 3D experiences and turn them into full-color 3D printed products through the Cloud. WhiteClouds has the world’s largest full-color 3D-printing facility and the premier software platform to deliver 3D experiences and products for mass markets. WhiteClouds delivers complete solutions in Medical, Architecture, and Entertainment. Formed in 2013 and headquartered in Ogden, UT.

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About Smartmobilevision

Smartmobilevision is a European startup that aims at supporting various industries with innovative cutting-edge computer vision technologies on portable devices. Thanks to the efforts of the company’s team and the countless hours dedicated to research and development, Smartmobilevision has designed its own technology called Unified Vision Architecture (UVA), a computer vision middleware platform for Android devices.

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