SignalFire Introduces TiltSCOUT Wireless Inclinometer

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry has introduced the TiltSCOUT, a wireless inclinometer for tank hatch detection and pump jack motion monitoring. The device is designed to help mitigate environmental and safety risks associated with accidental emissions from tanks by monitoring and reporting the status (opened, partially opened, closed) of the tank’s hatch. The built-in, three-axis sensor continually monitors the hatch and wirelessly transmits status if the tank hatch is moved.  This feedback can help operators avoid or minimize environmental and unsafe gas emissions from a tank.

When operating in a pump jack mode, the TiltSCOUT detects the change in angle (movement) of the pump jack walking beam to verify operation and report on/off events so operators can resolve issues if pumping unexpectedly stops.

This latest wireless node from SignalFire reports information to a central gateway that can be connected to a control center for remote monitoring. Modbus or digital alarming is available at the gateway. This non-contacting sensor incorporates a 900mHz radio and antenna for long-range data transmissions (up to ½ mile), and an internal battery pack that supports offers term operation of five years.

With a NEMA4X enclosure for outdoor environments, the unit is Class 1 Division 1 certified for use in hazardous locations.

For more information, visit SignalFire Wireless Telemetry website.

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