Sigmetrix to Launch EZtol for 1D Analysis

Sigmetrix_logoMCKINNEY, TX, Apr 5, 2017 – Sigmetrix, global experts in GD&T and mechanical variation, announced the latest solution in their product portfolio – EZtol. This 1D analysis tool is designed to enable designers and engineers to quickly understand the impact of part and assembly variation on the fit and performance of their products.

eztol-interface-768x462Why a 1D analysis tool when Sigmetrix already offers a more robust analysis tool, CETOL 6σ, capable of predicting the impact of more complex 3D interactions that occur in production? Engineers often use hand calculations or spreadsheets to conduct tolerance stackup analyses, but unless they are specifically considering more complex interactions like the rotation of surfaces their calculations may not fully account for all the variation that can occur in the critical functional requirements. EZtol not only performs these 1D stackup analyses far more efficiently than manual methods with the numerous additional benefits mentioned below, but it can also detect many scenarios where 1D treatment may be insufficient. When such scenarios are identified a caution symbol is added to the results row as well as a note to indicate that the calculated 1D results may be underestimating the actual variation the design will have during production. Users can then decide whether or not to use more advanced tools like CETOL 6σ to get a better understanding of how the design will actually behave. No other solution available on the market today combines the ease of use of EZtol with a visual indication of the limitations of 1D treatment of the tolerance stackup.

“We are delighted to be able to expand our software offerings to include EZtol. We are recognized globally for providing tolerance analysis and GD&T software solutions, as well as industry-leading training and consulting services, and this really rounds out our product portfolio,” stated Chris Wilkes, president and CEO of Sigmetrix. “EZtol really bridges the gap between manual tolerance stackups and an advanced tool like CETOL 6σ quite nicely.”

EZtol has been designed to make it easier to create, manage and report upon multiple 1D tolerance analyses in an assembly. It will work with files from most major CAD systems, without having to utilize a CAD license to work with models. Some of the other highlights of EZtol are:

  • Builds the analysis on top of the 3D design model:
    1. Uses the actual nominal distances between surfaces/features from the design.
    2. Helps to ensure all components in the loop are included.
    3. Shows the optimum dimensioning scheme for the single analysis.
  • Automatically calculates the worst-case, RSS, and statistical results of the analysis. Metrics for statistical results can be reported as: Cpk, Sigma, DPMO, or % Yield.
  • Lists of contributors sorted from largest to smallest.
  • Define multiple tolerance stackup analyses on the same model.
  • Provides a summary table showing the objectives and results of each stackup analysis along with a visual indication of whether the requirement has been met.
  • Stores the dimensions, with tolerances, defined for each part so that the user doesn’t have to re-enter them for each loop. This also allows the automatic updating of all analyses when the user makes a modification to a tolerance used in multiple analyses.
  • Generates detailed report with graphical view of the dimension loop over the models involved and a graphical presentation of results and the top contributors.
  • Provides an indication that the tolerance stackup may not be 1D in nature including a note that the results provided may underestimate the actual variation that will occur during production.

Sigmetrix will officially release EZtol on May 1, 2017 and it will be available as a monthly or annual subscription at

About Sigmetrix

Sigmetrix is a group company of Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd.  In 1999, PTC selected CETOL 6σ as its preferred tolerance analysis solution. In 2002, Sigmetrix became a Dassault Systèmes Gold Partner providing a fully-integrated version for CATIA named CETOL 6σ CAA V5-based.   In 2008, Sigmetrix finalized the integration and partnership with SOLIDWORKS and was named to their Certified Gold Partner Product Program in 2015.

Sigmetrix introduced a complete solution that has provided the ability to integrate with three of the leading Mechanical CAD systems, CETOL 6σ for PTC Creo, CETOL 6σ for CAA V5 and CETOL 6σ for SOLIDWORKS.


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