Siemens Introduces Sipart PS100 Valve Positioner

With the Sipart PS100, Siemens is presenting a positioner that can be initialized quickly at the touch of a button, automatically adjusting itself to the attached valve. If required, it is possible to optimize the positioner for a specific application with one further touch of a button. Just as some cameras feature portrait, sport or night mode, the positioner can be set to different modes for adjustment, open/close operation and other applications.

Sipart PS100

The Sipart PS100 is fitted with a display that allows users to see the status of the device at a glance. With its four-button operation and Namur NE107 support, the device can be configured.

The Sipart PS100 is available in two enclosure variants: polycarbonate and aluminum. The Sipart PS100 uses contactless technology to detect the position of the valve. Equipped with a corrosion-resistant silencer, the Sipart PS100 is suited to applications in the chemical and power sectors.

The Sipart PS2 has gained some new features. Optional pressure sensors improve the valve diagnostics and process monitoring, increasing the degree of utilization and availability of the plant. The positioner supports digitalization in plants. The Siemens valve monitoring app provides users with all the information they need to follow a  predictive maintenance approach by performing cloud-based analyses of valve data. It makes control and analysis options available to users so that they can detect in good time when service tasks need to be carried out before potential faults occur.

For more information, visit Siemens website.

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