SICK Announces outdoorScan3 Safety Laser Scanner

SICK announced its safety laser scanner, outdoorScan3. It is a safety laser scanner certified to IEC 62998 for use in outdoor applications.

The outdoorScan3 allows automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems to navigate safely through outdoor industrial environments. Thanks to its outdoor-safe HDDM scanning technology, outdoorScan3 works in all weather – sun, rain, snow, or fog – thus closing a major gap in the automation of industrial processes.

Safety laser scanners enable humans and machines to work safely alongside one another in industrial environments by reliably protecting stationary and mobile applications. Now, with the outdoorScan3, SICK is launching a safety laser scanner that allows certified safety sensor technology to be used in outdoor applications too.

The outdoorScan3 is characterized by outdoor-safeHDDM scanning technology. This technology means the laser scanner can work without errors when exposed to sunlight with an illumination intensity of up to 40,000 lux.

In addition, the intelligent software algorithm of the outdoorScan3 detects rain and snow, filtering out these environmental influences. For example, rain up to a precipitation intensity of 10 mm/h can be filtered out. Even in fog with a meteorological visual range of up to 50 m, the outdoorScan3 detects all obstacles, due to its special fog function.

For more information, visit SICK website.

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