Shawn Hopwood to Join Type A Machines as CMO

Shawn Hopwood

“As we continue our journey to becoming a world-class technology organization, it’s critical for us to deliver a clear, articulate message around our “Factory of the Future” vision, a forward-looking initiative disrupting conventional manufacturing,” said Andrew Rutter, CEO & CTO, Type A Machines. “Shawn’s entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 experiences bringing advanced technologies to market makes him ideally suited for directing a comprehensive marketing and sales strategy to position Type A Machines as a preferred brand in the Additive Manufacturing industry.”

“Type A Machine’s ambitious vision and industry leading products will be the cornerstones of the future of 3D manufacturing,” said Type A Machines’ new chief marketing officer, Shawn Hopwood. “We’re at the starting point of an amazing new age of digital fabrication, and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to join the Type A Machines team to turn vision into reality.”

Hopwood’s history in the 3D graphics industry goes back to 1985 when he founded the first graphics- and CAD-focused Macintosh magazine. He later launched the first parametric-based 3D modeling software for Pixar’s rendering platform, served as Apple’s first 3D Graphics Evangelist, and led SGI’s industry-wide adoption of OpenGL, including negotiating a license directly with Apple’s Steve Jobs. Mr. Hopwood was instrumental in bringing to market Health Buddy, the first Internet Healthcare appliance, and in driving the adoption of Coding Technologies’ audio successor to MP3. The company was later acquired by Dolby where Mr. Hopwood served as Director of Internet Technologies.

Mr. Hopwood joins Apple alums Tim Holmes and Mitch Huitema, who serve as Type A Machines’ Chief Strategy Officer and Board Member respectively.

About Type A Machines

Type A Machines is leading the 3D manufacturing revolution with the first, and only scalable 3D fabrication system. Building on their established Series 1 3D printers, the company’s Print Pod delivers parallel production at lower cost-per-part than injection molding, backed by the services manufacturing demands. A pioneer in 3D manufacturing, Type A Machines delivers the future of manufacturing today.

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