Servo2Go Launches Kollmorgen VLM Servo Motor Series

Kollmorgen has launched the VLM servo motor series to fill the gap between stepper and high-performance servo motors. The VLM series synchronous servo motors offer OEMs, machine builders and end-users, a proposition in the torque range of 0.5 to 4.5 Nm continuous and 16 Nm peak, with speeds of up to 6000 rpm. They are a solution for many applications where stepper or asynchronous motors are required.

The standard design and configuration options built into the range allow engineers a solution from the outset, to tailor their applications and machine requirements. The VLM series motors are available with standard frame sizes of 60 mm and 90-mm or NEMA 23 and 34 in each of the six most popular motor sizes and with a choice of twelve standard windings. The possibilities for shaft and mounting facilitate integration into virtually any system.

Feedback options include Digital Resolver (SFD), resolver, encoder and Hall sensors. VLM motors achieve continuous torque up to 4.5 Nm and peak torque to 16 Nm and can be used in power systems with 230 VAC. The motors meet the ROHS Directives for CE and UL certification.

For more information, visit Servo2Go website.

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