SCHROEDAHL Announces TDL Automatic Recirculation Valves

SCHROEDAHL, a CIRCOR International brand in pump protection and flow control technology, announces that self-modulating TDL Automatic Recirculation Valves (ARVs) are now available in more than 35% lighter cast material. These all-in-one pump protection solutions are designed to keep pumping systems in process, firefighting, refinery, power and chemical applications modulating and running without cavitation or overheating.

The self-operated flow-sensitive SCHROEDAHL TDL Automatic Recirculation Valves operate without a separate power supply or any control system—and begin protection immediately once installed.

SCHROEDAHL TDL Automatic Recirculation Valves combine a main line check valve and the automatic bypass control system in a durable design—developed by the inventor of automatic pump protection. The valves’ self-actuated integrated bypass control function ensures minimum flow rate, guarding pumps against overheating and cavitation. TDL ARVs’ modulation bypass function also offers reduced energy consumption for frequent partial load operation.

Additionally, the bypass check valve prevents reverse pump flow, and allows for parallel pump installations. With low valve hysteresis, TDL ARVs promote reliable pump performance.

These valves are designed and built with high bypass trims size flexibility and with a wide variety of materials. TDL ARVs’ high bypass flow offers maximum flexibility in bypass trim sizes for pumping systems from 10- to 20-inch nominal pipe size (NPS).

For more information, visit SCHROEDAHL website.

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