Sandvik Coromant ToolLibrary Integrates with Mastercam 2018

TOLLAND, CT, June 14, 2017 – CNC Software, Inc., developers of Mastercam, in partnership with Sandvik Coromant, announces the integration of Sandvik Coromant CoroPlus ToolLibrary into the new release of Mastercam 2018. The integration of the CoroPlus ToolLibrary allows Mastercam customers to save significant time searching for desired tools and building 3D tool assemblies that can be brought directly into Mastercam via the ISO 13399 data format.

Mastercam developers worked closely with Sandvik Coromant product management to let users import 3D tool assemblies directly into Mastercam’s toolpath operations. Users of Mastercam benefit from having the correct tooling for the material and for the type of machining operation, plus an accurate, 3D model that can be used for visualization and collision checking in addition to the time savings.

“In the past, customers had to search through thousands of catalog pages and cross-reference multiple sources to create the tool assemblies needed to machine their parts,” says Dave Boucher, director of product for CNC Software. “Now, they can save significant time and effort by quickly searching and building 3D, virtual tool assemblies using the CoroPlus ToolLibrary interface, and import them directly into Mastercam when they program their parts. As a digital database and part of a customer’s digital machining environment, they get instant access to the latest cutting tool data and technology available.”

”The tool library solution allows you to put the different tool items together – for example, a milling cutter, the inserts, and the holder – and then have an accurate representation of the actual tool,” states Pernilla Lindberg, product manager process Planning at Sandvik Coromant. ”To partner with, and have the support of a leading CAM (computer-aided-manufacturing) software provider such as CNC Software and Mastercam, we are excited to expand the digital machining environment and foster the standardization of cutting tool data.”

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