ROEQ Announces Docking Station Precision for MiR

ROEQ introduced its Docking Station Precision solution that can be mounted to either floors, walls, or machinery. The solution works in tandem with ROEQ’s cart solution C300 for Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), enabling secure locking of the cart upon delivery at the docking station.

The solution will be showcased at ROEQ’s Pack Expo booth 7384B in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 23-25 featuring a MiR200 robot with ROEQ’s cart solution and top roller TR125 conveyor module performing precise delivery between two docking stations.

By using the ROEQ C300 cart solution, the MiR robot can collect loaded carts, deliver it to the designated docking station and leave the carts there to be emptied or prepared for the next mission. This solution works to ensure that the MiR robot is only stationary for a short amount of time, and streamline the workflow between different divisions of the facility.

For more information, visit ROEQ website.

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